79 Spy Agencies and Their Use of Drugs to Affect Memory

Involvement With Intelligence Agencies

Spy  Agencies and Their Use of Drugs to Affect Memory

Brainwashing drugs got used on me to destroy or suppress my memory after the Russian government got contacted by people who knew me in the town of Lompoc, California, in 1976. The Israeli, Saudi, Iranian, and Chinese governments got contacted as well. It was done to stir up excitement by people who went to my high school and other people who lived there. The Russians were told I was obsessed with Russia and that my dad had a sensitive job at Vandenberg Air Force Base. He was in charge of computer operations. The computers would collect data on Vandenberg's missile launches. I was drugged and ended up in a hotel room not even knowing how I got there. It was where the Russians did their business. The FBI thought I was responsible for the Russians coming to talk to me. Sometime after the year 1985, when I first started remembering some of the things that happened to me on a permenant basis, I remembered them calling me before they came, but someone knew what time and had me drugged with the brainwashing drugs when they did. I said "yes" like a robot. But I think someone arranged for all those governments to show up as a cruel joke to get me into trouble. In Spokane, before I went to live with my dad in Lompoc, I might have told a Saudi and an Iranian, whom my mother had rented out apartments to, that I wanted to work for Russia. My idea would have been to work deep undercover. I now think people who wanted to use the brainwashing drugs on me are the ones who contacted the governments. I also think the people with the brainwashing drugs might have just wanted me to think this woman with long red hair was a Russian agent and she never was. I'll never know. 

The Russians should have known I had no way of knowing if they really were representatives from Russia's government. I knew I was too drugged to know. They asked me if I thought my dad would work for them. I said "No. He gets patriotic watching the Military Honor Guard at the Rose Bowl Parade." Looking back on my life, I really wish so much he had not been so patriotic. If I had known the truth about our government, maybe I would have been less inclined to have done what I ended up doing.  While talking to the Russians drugged, I came up with an idea to try to trick them into giving me information that I could give the United States. I told them I had gone to a party in Santa Maria, California. (I was smart enough not to say I went to one in Lompoc). At the party, there had been a person there who was bragging about being a spy for the Russians and showing off his little spy camera. I said he was a drug dealer. I told them they really needed to know about this person.  I said he had been talking about his friend who worked for a defense company in Los Angeles. I told them I couldn't remember the name but maybe I would if I heard it again. One of the Russians fell for it. They were overly confident since their agents were in control of the case and were brainwashing me or knew the person who was. He asked me later if I had ever heard of the name of Andrew Daulton Lee. I said “Yes, he is friends with someone named Christopher Boyce who works at TRW in Los Angeles.” I had gotten Boyce’s name and TRW by playing the same trick on an American agent but altering it a little. I always found it amusing, in a bitter way, that the American agent, who would come talk to me while I was being drugged, had to have been working for the Russians since he knew about Boyce off the top of his head. He always wore a black suit and I think that indicates he was CIA. He once asked me for sex and once asked me what drug I was on. I would always be drugged ahead of time with the brainwashing drugs whenever anything unusual would be going on in my life or when the person doing the brainwashing knew I would be talking to agents or discussing something important. In 1977, a really nice psychologist had come to talk to me because I was seriously underweight. He told me I had Attention Deficit Disorder and that it was really bad. I have trouble with verbal learning and I have no sense of direction but I understand and remember real well information that I read. If I had not been brainwashed while the conversation was going on, my whole life would have been transformed. I probably would have qualified for Social Security Disabilty right out of high school. I am sure he ended up being told that I wouldn't talk to him and that is why he never contacted me again.  

I don't know if even high-level CIA agents that are honest know the brainwashing drugs exist. Maybe the CIA had them developed but didn't know they had been successful because of dishonest people.  I don't know if honest agents know I am always being brainwashed or not. They might think it is spaceyness or mental illness or from illicit drug use. But it is always really rare for honest agents to have anything to do with the case. And the honest agents are really naive and stupid about the dishonest ones, even when they say things that make me look really bad. Agents usually ALWAYS believe other agents and never suspect them of being dishonest. EVER. Agents are adamant in their belief that it is extremely rare for an agent to be dishonest. They think they would know. Even agents who would write reports putting me in a bad light were never EVER suspected of being dishonest.  But some of this is due to the fact that some of the people lying about me did their jobs if the Russians were involved but were dishonest most likely for the Jews and Israel. But maybe they had something to do with Lompoc. Only when the US gets intelligence from another country about a dishonest agent do they even consider the fact that an agent is dishonest. People need to avoid at all costs ever having anything to do with the FBI or CIA. It will destroy your life like it destroyed mine. I got nothing from it except an entire life of misery. However, sometimes I wonder if it actually was government agents I would be talking to but the people with the brainwashing drugs just wanted me to think that. But it did seem like the people who were always using those drugs on me figured out how to do their own staffing when it came to agents investigating me. It's like they used government psychiatrists who have always gone and proved a lot of things about me.  It is like they took over a lot of the FBI and CIA. All you would have to is get into a few key departments and have your own recruiting base. 

I'm glad the Russians mistook my amusement over the success of the traps I set as immature joy that they were my only friends and giving me so much attention. I knew from being so obsessed with them that they looked for people who were either misfits or wanted money. I told them they could test my loyalty to see if I would try to tell my sister what I knew on our trip to the Montreal Olympics.  While on the trip, I planned to keep a journal.  I was later left alone in a hotel room for about 20 minutes after being given the brainwashing drugs and antedote and wrote everything down that I remembered. I had surmised Lee would meet with the Russians in Mexico because that is where he would meet his drug cartel contacts to buy drugs. I had put down in the notebook that I wanted Lee beaten the hell out of by the Mexican police which is something the CIA arranged for them to do. I had also said: "I request the cattle prod." Of course, the Mexican police couldn't go that far with an American citizen or the CIA but they did hold one over his genitals. The CIA knew he'd attempt to contact the Russians at their embassy there because they knew the Russians at least temporarily would cut off contact with him due to security concerns since they considered Daulton's erratic behavior to be a risk. He was arrested in front of their embassy and accused of killing a Mexican policeman which is what I also suggested. Then I went and left the notebook behind a bed. I'm not sure where I was though. To prove it about the two spies, I suggested that "While the government was tracking me down, why didn’t they amuse themselves and see if either Boyce or Lee had been to the city of Vienna?" In Vienna, Austria, the Russians would meet with their agents because espionage against the US is not a crime there and they could talk to them in a secure setting. Lee had met with the Russians there in 1976. I also had put down "They know Shevchenko works for us." Shevchenko ended up defecting in 1978 but he had been working for the CIA for a few years. I knew about him because the Russians did not know I was still able to pick up and remember information during the brainwashing process. This has caused me to know about other highly sensitive information throughout the years. 

American agents ended up meeting with me to discuss what I knew. I was told: "You didn't tell anyone about this." And I said drugged: "I was working deep undercover." But it is because everything that ended up happening to me happened very unexpectedly. I wouldn't have told any American agent anything ahead of time because I assumed there were a lot of double agents working for Russia that our government would think they'd know about. I told a government agent that "It should concern you that you didn't know the Russians had TRW." And the agent said: "It explains a few things." TRW is now called Northrop. I was asked if I ever wanted to work for the CIA. I said "No, it would be the last place I would work after all the things I have realized." I also told the agent that I was sure I was going to be destroyed and the CIA and FBI would let me be. And they did. 

There is something that I talked about in that notebook that I seriously wish I had later ended up compromising because of all the hell the government has always let me go through. In the notebook, I had suggested that where Moscow's sewer system was, that is where Russia might have sensitive communication lines that could be tapped into. And I had added: Like IVY BELLS.  The Russians discussed Ivy Bells with their agents which was the tapping into of the Russian military's undersea communication cables by the NSA. I would have compromised the fact the CIA knew where the sensitive communications lines were in such a way that I would make it look like I was discussing it innocently to someone who I knew was a dishonest agent. But after IVY BELLS  and knowing just how much dishonesty there is in the FBI and CIA, I can't believe the Russians wouldn't have known or guessed those communiation lines that ran through their sewer system had been tapped. 

Boyce and Lee wasn't all that I did either. I got other information too. For one thing, I had told the Russians my dad and I were seriously considering moving to Norfolk, Virginia. I said he had been offered a job there and that we knew someone who was working on the Naval portion of Star Wars. I told them that this person did a lot of work in his home but it had a lot of security. I would be babysitting his kids. This caused me to end up knowing about John Walker Jr. who had compromised the Navy's encrypted communications. Since a few of Russia's FBI Counterintelligence Agents were there as well as a few of their CIA agents, very sensitive information was discussed. I think I had acted unconcdnsious before the drugs they had me on caused me to be or it was because during the brainwashing there was a time when I was still picking up information. The Russians discussed Jonathon Pollard and were hoping they or Israel could take care of the failed background check the CIA gave him. When Israel found out that I knew about him, an agent who told me he was from Tel Aviv beat me up, and would continuously drug me and strip off my clothes in front of a lot of people. If that is who he was. He treated me much worse up front than the Russians did. Israeli spies are very evil people. At one point, the person who said he was an Israeli slammed me to the ground because I wasn't cooperating, and I remember the shock of the impact and how it gave me a burning sensation throughout my body. He kept thoroughly brainwashing me, and with brainwashing drugs, if you lie down, you immediately lose consciousness. Because of Russia's and China's involvement in the situation they were both able to later blackmail Pollard into giving them copies of everything he had access to with the job he eventually got. I mean what kind of ally is Israel anyway? They had to have known that Russia knew about Pollard and possibly China and that they'd blackmail him. I am sure the US brought up Pollard to Israel when they found out about him because of me. But maybe the US somehow didn't know. If their excuse is that the Russians wouldn't have known about Pollard if it wasn't for me, when they tried again in 1979 and had Pollard get a job with Navy Intelligence, they should have known his name would raise a flag with the Russians when they did checks on the employees who worked for the department of the Navy he worked for. I don't think the person who said he was from Tel Aviv was a lone wolf who worked for Russia because of how many Jews that were involved. You could tell they were Jews because of their looks. There is a possibility he wasn't Israeli. I was too drugged to know. But I'm sure what was going on with him would have gotten back to Israel. If he was an Israeli agent, the agent who handled my case also worked for Russia, or Israeli intelligence always cooperated with Russia.  I always wondered if they did have a tacit understanding of cooperation because under Communism Russians were prisoners of the Soviet State and not allowed to leave the country. However, the Soviets would allow a number of Jews to emigrate annually. Now they seem to have an understanding that indicates cooperation between the governments' intelligence services for other reasons. We give at least 3.8 billion in military aid annually to Israel and at least 8.5 million of that goes towards Israel's government.  Until I moved back to Spokane, Washington, from California, periodically an extremely good looking man would show up who usually wore really expensive suits. Either he was an FBI or CIA agent or someone wanted me to think that, but a lot of the time he would show up before the person who had told me he was from Tel Aviv would show up. He witnessed the person who said he was from Tel Aviv slamming me to the floor, and my body writhing in pain from it, and he told someone who evidently was his supervisor. This person definitley was a Jew and warned him to not be so rough. But that person who seemed to be an American agent once told me to take this drug and I did, and then the people from Lompoc showed up and took me somewhere but I don't remember anything else about it.  I didn't remember any of this until after 1985. But much later I remembered a really nice woman who was the mother of one of the students at my high school saying to me "I don't think you knew where you were at, or what you were doing. I am going to the FBI." It's very hard to resist what people want you to do when you are being drugged.  One of the drugs they use on you, they tell you what to do like "walk" and you automatically do it. You sometimes get out of the trance that you are in when they have you walk but then the agent controlling you just goes and gets you back into it. Another drug they have that they give you after accosting you and using the brainwashing drugs on you is a drug where someone will make it look like they are suggesting something to you and you do it if it isn't too complicated. 

Christopher Boyce committed espionage because of the CIA being responsible for the United States' decision to no longer share intelligence with Australia that it obtained from its spy satellites and other sources. That was because the government had tilted left. Boyce was also angry the CIA was breaking the workers' strikes there that were interfering with the CIA's Pine Gap facility. Then when the CIA orchestrated the removal of Australia's Prime Minister, he decided to retaliate by selling secrets to the Soviet Union. He thought it was outgrageous that the United States was interfering in an ally's internal affairs. If he had just gone and exposed that and had not compromised important defense secrets, then it is arguable he did anything wrong. But he also sold information to the Soviets about sensitive satellites. Chris learned of the CIA's involvement in Australia because of misguided telexes that were sent to him instead of to the CIA. The CIA felt it needed to interfere because Australia's Prime Minister was considering shutting down an important CIA satellite relay base. Chris should have considered the fact that if we could intervene in Australia's government, so could the Soviets. We have been very upset over Russia trying to influence our elections but we do it all the time if we can in other countries. John Bolton, Trump's former National Security Advisor, admitted this recently in an interview citing Venzuela's government as an example.  However, he said, our attempt to influence the outcome of the election didn't work. Chris always maintained that he never did any damage but how would he know when he admitted to the CIA and FBI after his arrest that he had no idea what he had given the Russians? In a lot of other espionage cases that ends up being said: That the perpetrator didn't really do any damage and didn't really know what they had given the Russians.  That they basically committed espionage half-heartedly without being fully cooperative with the Russians. That seems to be Russia's MO. It is also interesting that Russia will help mitigate, if they can, sentences that are handed out for espionage. But that is also done to mislead the US government of the severity of the compromised secrets. They usually seem to be pretty good at doing that. Before he learned of the government's interference in Australia's government, Boyce was already seriously disillusioned with the government because of Watergate, Vietnam, MKULTRA and COINTELPRO.  His colleague at TRW had told him that he and other soldiers would shove North Vietnamese soldiers out of a flying helicopter. He was also angry about the abuses by the FBI and CIA that surfaced regarding their intelligence activities in 1975 and had led to the creation of the Congressional Church Committee. It is with bitter irony to me that he did it because of abuses by the government since that is what I have had to deal with for over forty years. I also have a much better understanding now of the hypocrisy of the American government. I wish I had known the real truth about the United States. Especially the FBI and CIA. The government is so incredibly corrupt I was never given a new identity because they considered me guilty of espionage and dangerous because of sensitive things I would say drugged out of my mind. I was accused of doing things for attention and out of anger over how I was being treated which agents said was because of immaturity and sociopathic tendencies. Incidentally, my dad might have died under suspicious circumstances. After he died, his doctor called me up to offer his condolences and he sounded extremely confused as to why he had died. He had just had a complete physical less than a month before. But the government wasn't interested. And it was always dishonest agents who handled my case. My dad was the only one who knew a little bit about my situation. I am sure, Boyce got blamed for a fair amount of compromised intelligence that he wasn’t responsible for that double agents in the FBI or CIA were. Once the Russians have at least two sources, or if the information can come from multiple sources, they can be open about knowing the information if they so choose. I remember reading in the Falcon and the Snowman, although it’s been awhile, that Boyce got blamed for the Russians finding out the CIA could track their launches. 

It is interesting that it was revealed later that the Russians at one point suggested to Boyce that he quit TRW and go to school. This could have been because Lee was out of control due to a heroin addiction and because from a secondary source the Russians were getting duplicate intelligence. There is also the possibility that the information Boyce was giving the Russians was not that valuable, although according to Boyce and Lee they received around $70,000 for the information they gave them. In the 1970's, that was a lot of money. Boyce's espionage complicated the SALT II negotiations since the United States felt its satellites had been compromised. I have wondered for a long time if the Russians were going to use one of the people from Lompoc who contacted them to take his place. The FBI and CIA agents who worked for them could have even helped them get the job. The red haired woman who worked my case for Russia ended up asking one of the people who had contacted them who Lompoc's drug dealer was. She had wanted to use him to recruit people to work for the Russians that he knew or dealt with.  I think his name was Billy Weaver because the person who the Russian asked told her that name.

I found out that one of the main people from Lompoc that had contacted the Russians was a cop and people used to talk about how wealthy he was. After 9-11, which a lot of people in Lompoc had something to do with, Billy's ex-partner said to him: "Reese, you are the most evil human being that has ever lived."  Honest agents in the FBI and CIA never knew these people even existed. They still don't. It always seemed that it was usually dishonest agents who handled my case, but in retrospect, some of them might not even had been agents. I was always in too much of a drugged state to know.  The people from Lompoc were helping out all the different groups of people that were involved and might have been responsible for Russia’s FBI agents, if that is who the older, sociopathic men were, being blackmailed by Al Qaeda. And agents might not have just been blackmailed by Al Qaeda, but from people from Lompoc, for their own purposes. It's like all these people went on a insane hate filled feeding frenzy and some of the groups of people were stupid about some of the other groups that they knew about and how dangerous and evil they were. It's like a lot of these people, or people they knew, later became agents. Like they thought it would be fun to investigate me and to prove evil things about me. They also wanted to get credit for sensitive secrets I would accidentally end up knowing about during brainwashing or realize from intelligent analysis of politics and intrigue. That's what it honest to God seems like. As drugged as I always am, when things are going on, they might have just wanted me to think they were agents, and not people from Lompoc, or other people that were involved with the people who had the brainwashing drugs.  The whole city of Lompoc had unbelievable hatred for me for some reason and so did the Jews. I wonder if someone has the brainwashing drugs who shouldn’t have them because of an agent who worked for Russia being blackmailed. Or got into the FBI or CIA dishonestly because of one. Sometimes it seems the people who use the drugs on me are really childish and dishonest and reckless and don't belong to any government.  

I really regret double crossing the Russians. I have been obsessed with Russia since I was five years old because of my parents' jobs. My mother had attempted suicide to destroy my dad and get her way with the divorce. This was right around the time she got a job at Martin Marietta. Now the company is known as Lockheed. She would come home and do an awful lot of talking about her job and about Russia to make it look like she was important. My mother always had to be the center of attention. She would always arrogantly talk about how her security clearance was higher than my dad's. Not only that, but, around that time our family was reseeding the lawn and I asked her if I could grow my own grass as a plant. She said "No". But I did anyway, so she beat the hell out of me. She beat the hell out of me again a short time later, because when we got home after visiting friends, she noticed that I had a little parasal that comes with drinks for my Barbie set that had belonged to my friend. I had told her I liked it.  She always seemed to have it in for me because my dad had tried so hard to win custody of me during the divorce. So Russia was a form of escape. I long to be able to see Russia but I know I never can. Not only is my life very unpleasant, but, I can never experience Russia. I loved being obsessed with it and the Russians mistook that as an indication I would work for them. What made my obsession worse was that practically every television show in the sixties were about spies or were Westerns. My mother controlled the TV, so I usually had to be tortured by Westerns, but once in a while she'd be gone so I would get to watch one of the shows about spies that were on. Somehow, not being able to watch the shows about spies, increased my longing for intrigue. For most of my life, I would alternate in my mind, between being a spy for the Russians and being a spy for the United States. I was so obsessed with Russia my whole life that my family would have to threaten me to shut up about them knowing it could get me into trouble. Also, like Christopher Boyce, in the early seventies, I had an attitude about the government. I remember, in particular, the revelation in the news of the sex parties that went on in D.C. among the political elite. But I chose the United States out of a sense of responsibility. I wish so much I had not come up with the idea to trick the Russians into identifying Boyce and Lee. I wish I had known the real truth about the FBI and CIA. And they haven't changed at all. 

At first, when I ended up drugged in a hotel room, I started disentangling myself from the whole situation, without hopefully getting anyone mad at me, including my own government. If I had known how dishonest and stupid the FBI and CIA were, that is all I would have done. I assume the information I have given the government was critical to the security of the United States but you wouldn't know it considering how I am always treated and the government's attitude about the case. The government has never once done anything for me. The Russian government rewards well those people who give it information or provide it with some kind of material assistance while our government does not reward very well or at all people who do that for the United States. Any Russian agent would honestly admit that over the years I ended up doing more damage to Russia than the CIA ever did to it in its entire history. But I just went and made agents who I gave the information to, very important, and they threw me to the wolves and made a lot of accusations against my character. There's an awful lot of things the government could have done for me. I rarely am treated very nicely. There isn't a day that goes by anymore when I am not filled with hatred and don't regret what I did. Hatred destroys the personality. Living with it ruins your life. I also live with a lot of stress from people constantly using brainwashing drugs on me just to be evil that cause me to have problems with my memory later.  The stress is compounded by the fact I am always lied about and accused of things. My personality has been radically altered from what gets done to me. I am not at all the same person I used to be. I can never be that person again. I am now a shell of my former self and live with a lot of bitterness and hatred. I wish so much I had walked away from the whole situation after telling the Russians neither me nor my dad would work for them. But the idea that I had to trick them into giving me their agents' identities was too good to pass up. The FBI and CIA were stupid to think I would deliberately commit the crime of espionage. Like I wouldn't know that out of revenge Russia wouldn't compromise me. But I also got accused of a lot of other things that people would find despicable. I guess that was the excuse they used to not give me a new identity. I get subtly harrassed and drugged all the time but the government just says I am paranoid. That is why no one should ever do anything for the United States government. The government must use the excuse that they protect me but all they protect me from is being tortured or killed by Russian agents. I am always being drugged and harrassed and the things that get done to me I can't prove. The only reason they give me minimal protection is because if I got killed the US would have even more difficulty recruiting informants or assets. Having anything to do with the US government will just ruin your life because of how stupid and dishonest agents are. Agents that would come talk to me were very cruel. I would sit there drugged. To make things worse for myself, I would say sensitive things drugged, thinking I was outsmarting dishonest people, but what I would say would come out in such a way it would incriminate me. Then sometimes I would get framed for it. The FBI thinks most people are honest except people like me. They always thought that any of the people they talked to about me were honest.  Agents love to get you filled with hatred and then use your behavior to prove their case. It gets done to me all the time.

In 1977, while drugged out of my mind, I made a lot of dangerous predictions, especially about the Middle East. I predicted Iraq invading Kuwait and had known about a possible revolution in Iran from when I had acted unconscious in hotel rooms. A lot of people were listening to me. Dangerous people who told people from other countries. I used to read a publication called US News and World Report so I was very knowledgeable about politics.  In 1977, I coined the phrase "The Great Satan" which is what Iran's revolutionary govenment in 1979 called the United States. I knew that would be Iran's new government's attitude towards us. I said it because of how angry I was over how I was being treated and being allowed to be drugged by evil people. I also said it because the government was so evil and dishonest it wouldn't give me a new identity or protect me from dishonesty. The woman with the red hair who might or might not have legitiminately been a Russian agent, a few days after I said it, walked into our house with this Iranian who you could tell was not psychologically healthy.  Much later, she was with him at a fast food resteraunt where I sat at a booth drugged. First, the psychologically unhealthy Iranian walked by, and then she arrogantly did.  Sometimes, I think if she was a Russian agent, some third party was responsible for her other than the Russian government. 

I do not know for certain if he was from Tel Aviv but at one point in 1977, that agent was talking to two really sharp Russian agents who were in our house and he was saying how he wanted to destroy my mind. The Russian said “We want to use her mind.” There was another sharp Russian agent during that time too who was saying “Sadaam. Bad idea” to someone in a hotel room. That was because I had talked about Iraq attacking Kuwait. But that sharp Russian agent was the last I ever saw of intelligent agents from any government. 

The spy agencies and governments of all the countries that had gotten involved ended up with really stupid and psychologically unhealthy agents if that is who the new people were and then their governments changed as well. The Russian agents seemed really dull in their thinking. I wonder if a third party would have that capability or if Israel could have. Maybe even Israel's government changed. I almost wonder if the people with the drugs were worried they'd be found out or because of evil intentions went and did things to cover up what they did and caused after my notebook that I had left behind a motel room bed got found.  It's like they wanted to erase as much as possible honest agents knowing what I did and make sure evil, dishonest agents would be in control of my case. It's like the people who like to brainwash me, usually, just to be evil, somehow were responsible for a lot of agents who were recruited by the FBI and CIA. It really does seem like that. If that is the case, they probably would have needed someone in Israel's help. All it would probably take is to get into the right department of the FBI. Those agents do their job if Russia is involved and they do token things to make it look like they are doing their jobs but they seem to ignore a lot of what goes on with the case. It could be the Jews and Israel who are doing it. I can't believe Israel's intelligence service wouldn't know the truth about what has always gone on with my case. 

I sometimes highly doubt the redheaded Russian agent actually was one but if even the Russians thought so I think the people who set the whole thing up somehow arranged to get her assigned to their Consulate and just switched the right paperwork.  I remember her saying in 1977 "We have George Tenet" but with brainwashing drugs you suffer from tunnel vision so I don't know who she was talking to. Maybe George Tenet had worked as a dangle.  I remember an Iranian just giving her a pleading look and she just kept turning her back on people. I almost wonder if she and whoever was responsible for her caused Iran to have that revolution so I would be blamed. Sometimes it's like our government got taken over. But not by another government. I really think it was the Jews who set the whole thing up and they were always stupid about the people from Lompoc. Sometimes I think Lompoc might have blackmailed people the Jews bribed. There were a lot of Muslims involved too. In tenth grade, there were about 25 Muslims who all walked into our house during one of the times I was being drugged. This was after the younger Saudis that had originally shown up had left. There was this one Saudi in particular that showed up whose look of violent hatred for me never changed once.  When he would periodically show up, he was always so filled with hate, his teeth would show. I sometimes wonder if someone made him evil with a drug and made Al Qaeda evil who he ended up getting in contact with.  Maybe someone stupid in the CIA had them developed but then they fell into the wrong hands. Or maybe even the Nazis had them developed and someone like the Jews originally knew about them. I bet those kind of drugs do exist and I probably got blamed for them being stolen. The Jews might know how to make a camera lie. Or the CIA invented one that does and the Jews stole it. Maybe those drugs are why an Iranian cleric ended up killing an Iranian woman for not wearing the religious scarf woman in Iranian are made to wear. 

In 1977, after we had gotten back from Montreal, this Saudi showed up, and under the influence of the drugs that people had me on, I told him how the Soviet Union could split apart and how the Communists could be overthrown. Then the countries that had been Muslim could go back to practicing it and it would be allowed to be practiced elsewhere there. I said the Russian had told me Gorbachev was a friendly communist so I chose him to do it. I had told the Saudi I had learned of the words glasnost and perestroika from the Russians and had told them they would fix the problems of Communism. I also told him that I was going to get Gorbachev to be elected General Secretary of the Communist Party and that my real intention was to get the Soviet Union to go bankrupt and cause the Communists to be overthrown so it would split apart. I said that with openness and restructuring, which is what the words meant, the Russians hopefully would think that if people were able to complain about the problems communism had, they could be fixed. I knew that once certain people are in power in a government that isn't a democracy, they then entrench themselves and stay in power. This would happen even after it was evident glasnost and perestroika wasn't working. I said they might fall for it if they were reminded that they could still be a police state. I knew that if the Soviet Union had more freedom, but was not a market economy, that the already poor supply of goods and services would get worse. I said if Gorbachev was in power long enough, things would get so bad it would get to the point where hardliners would try to overthrow him. However,  by then, glasnost and perestroika would have the result of the communists no longer having any power. When people would realize that, the communists could be overthrown. I told him I wanted OPEC at a certain point to flood the world with oil which would cause the price of oil to crash which was the Soviet Union's main source of revenue. But I also told him I needed the USSR to shoot down a KAL airliner. That would cause even more hardship for the Soviet economy and it would damage the USSR’s reputation so badly that to burnish their image, they would be more inclined to elect Gorbachev as General Secretary.  However, in my drugged out mind, I wanted the plane to be totally empty and to be piloted by two pilots who had terminal cancer. I knew it would happen on the day of a sensitive missile test. It totally blows my mind away that about 5 years later, that is what the USSR ended up doing: They shot down a Korean Air Liner on the day of a sensitive missile test. Someone arranged for them to do it! Also, as like the Navy portion of Star Wars which I used to bait the Russians into giving me John Walker's identity, I also wanted the US to hype a space based Star Wars so that Gorbachev would go on an arms race to further the chances of the Soviet Union going bankrupt and splitting apart. I think whoever was listening to me offered to help make that Saudi important in exchange to get credit for my idea.  It was also so his government wouldn’t realize a lot of things about the case. He was an unbelievably stupid and childish Saudi. But he was made important. Someone told him to act like he thought it was adorable every time I said something sensitive drugged.  He was told that would appeal to my personality because of how chilidsh I was. Whoever told him that, decades later, told these two stupid and childish Iranians to act the same way who had shown up to talk to me while I was drugged out of my mind. If the woman with the red hair had found out what I said to the Saudi she couldn't say anything because a Muslim with a long black gown blackmailed her. That happened in 1977. I also hoped the woman with the red hair would feel threatened about her job security and be told to support Gorbachev by helping him with intelligence and in return he would help her. But sometimes I even wonder if she really was a Russian agent. 

With a little intelligence, the FBI and CIA could have used the case to ferret out dishonest agents after I got back from Montreal. They are too stupid about dishonesty and too much of a bureacracy to have realized dishonest agents would be the ones handling my case. I had even offered to wear a wire to catch dishonest agents. Honest agents were never involved for very long. They are also very naive about dishonest ones. Agents were very patronizing when it came to me. Lompoc sometimes would make me want to think someone was an agent when I was drugged to make a fool out of me and prove they were important. Information that should get to the right people in the FBI and CIA would get lost all the time in their bureacracies or get taken care of by double agents. FBI agents just write reports and pass them on and then forget about them. Whenever I would get somewhere and something would actually end up being investigated, the case would go back again to dishonest and stupid people working it. The CIA and FBI usually rely only on foreign intelligence to catch double agents. There is no system of checks and balances in the FBI or CIA to double check cases to detect dishonesty unless it happens someone's unexplained wealth draws the right person's attention. They are very compartmentalized which they think protects sensitive intelligence but in fact it protects people who are being dishonest. They think espionage is very rare and that they’d know but that isn’t how it seemed to me because of what I have to deal with. The FBI and CIA have always been really stupid about dishonesty. But that is probably because of how much dishonesty there actually is in the FBI and CIA. The supervisors have always been a lot worse than some of the better agents but those agents never worked my case. My case was always handled by a certain department in the FBI and CIA and the people handling it were dishonest and could eventually take care of anything that they didn't want honest agents to find out.  All reports would go to these departments. Sometimes they would even get people transferred to cover things up and prevent a more detailed investigation into an incident. It was evident reports would get taken out of my files all the time. Another problem that I have is that a lot of agents don't want anything to do with my case for different reasons so they avoid getting involved. 

Because of me, the US Marshals tracked Boyce down after his escape from Lompoc Federal Prison in 1980. Normally, it was always dishonest or stupid agents who worked my case. However, when I was pretending to go to college at California State University Northridge, the dormitory I lived at was used to film parts of the movie "Miracle On Ice '' which was about the United States' hockey team's gold medal win at the 1980 Olympics. The Russians were around to deal with me and they took me somewhere but they botched it because the movie crew was informed of them being there and their security watched while the Russians had me leave with them. I was drugged and walking erratically but they shoved me into one of their cars and we left. That is all I remember about it years later. When I got back, the Jews knocked on my door in Davis Hall and took me over to the apartments in Kest Hall and treated me cruelly. I remember the Director of the complex later knocking on my door and asking me if I was okay. And I remember my roommate telling me that everyone was wondering where I had been. I didn't even know I had been gone. The movie producer called the FBI and what ended up happening is that when I got back, but still being affected by the brainwashing drugs, I was being listened to by an honest agent. I said there was a way to instantly track Boyce down. I ended up being taken to the US Marshals and I suggested that Boyce might be taking flying lessons or may take them in the future to get out of the country. Especially if it was possible to fly into Russia from Alaska. During brainwashing, you can end up picking information up that other people think you won't remember later or be able to tell someone. Because of this, while I was still being brainwashed, I knew Boyce was robbing banks in the Pacific Northwest but wearing a disguise when he did. Even today, telling the government how to track him down has always given me the feeling of committing a grave sin. Since he had been incarcerated at the federal prison in the town of Lompoc, I have always wondered if the people who had gotten involved with the Russians helped him escape by getting jobs at the prison or some other means. There was so many things about the case that the FBI never knew about because of how much dishonesty there actually is in the FBI and CIA, because of what can purposely get lost in their bureaucracies, and because of their attitudes and how stupid they are. Also, because I would be constantly brainwashed anytime anything was going on. Sometimes it seems like one of the people who set the whole thing up by contacting the other governments and brainwashing me was an agent but I don't know if he was actually working for another government. The agents who worked my case were usually always dishonest but they had a lot of seniority which is one of the reasons why I never got anywhere. While talking to the Marshalls, I also told them about John Walker, in case the FBI had never known I knew about him.  I suggested to them, that the FBI and CIA have his son Michael get a job on the Navy ship the USS Nimitz, and work as a clerk in the same room the burn bags were in. This was to feed disinformation to the Russians because of the documents they knew his son would steal out of the burn bags. It was also to ensure John Walker's cooperation after his arrest in order for his son to get a lighter sentence. One thing the government found out from John Walker, is that the Russians evidently had a device that could time the rotation of the encryption devices the Navy used which would allow them to still be compromised. The operation to feed false intelligence to the Russians didn't last long because Michael Walker discovered the combinations to a number of safes that contained sensitive documents so the FBI arrested the John Walker spy ring. I feel pretty certain I also told the US Marshals about Pollard getting a job with Navy Intelligence, unless the government had already known about him. I feel very confident that I did tell the Marshalls. I mean, his behavior on numerous occasions would have gotten him fired, but they kept him on. The Marshalls, who were alarmed at my situation, wanted to give me a new identity but they were stopped because of how much dishonesty there is in the FBI and CIA. The agents I talked to kept repeating over and over again just how bad I looked because of what agents had written in their reports about me. That got said to me immediately right from the start when I talked to agents in 1976.  No agent ever went to the trouble of trying to clear my name. I hope my experience makes anyone think twice about offering information to the FBI or CIA and decide not to do it. The FBI and CIA will always trust what other agents say without even having the slightest suspicion the agents are dishonest. They have always been fooled into thinking they would know if an agent is dishonest and feel not very many agents ever have been. Because of what I experienced, and because of how hard I would try to do something about dishonest agents, it seems there are a lot of agents who aren't honest. Nobody in this country should ever offer information to the FBI or CIA.  Forty years later, nothing has changed. Later, back at the dormitory, but drugged and angry and tired, I told a Chinese Intelligence agent about Pollard. An FBI CI agent asked me why I was cooperating with China and I said it is because of the way I get treated. I would also have a lot of hatred because the government never protected me from being drugged all the time. I had already forgotten I had talked to the Marshalls because of the brainwashing. I told them twice and twice the same FBI Counterintelligence agent confronted me afterwards but I didn't seem to get into any trouble. He wasn't an asshole about it either for some strange reason. While drugged out of my mind, I talked about the Russians shooting down a KAL and then South Korea's intelligence service showed up. The FBI always lets me get drugged or doesn't seem interested that I am and then holds me responsible for what I say drugged and angry over how I am treated. They use the excuse it is because of my immaturity. But its hard to act mature drugged out of your mind. But I am not sure agents know that I am ALWAYS drugged if something is going on. After Boyce got captured by the Marshalls, one of the people from Lompoc was at my dormitory door along with the woman who was supposedly a Russian agent. He was screaming at me. She acted like someone who was astonished by someone else's behavior and she went "Mary." She was furious. If Chris did just jack the Russians around and not do any damage like he has always maintained, you'd think the Russians would actually have been pleased he went back to prison. I'm glad the Marshalls were smart enough not to share the information I told them with the FBI and CIA agents who normally worked my case and who the US didn't know worked for Russia. In retrospect, however, since I am always drugged whenever anything is going on, they might have been FBI agents that I talked to and not agents who were with the US Marshalls. Maybe it is someone who wanted to get credit for what I knew.

In my opinion, the FBI and CIA might have taken advantage of Pollard being an unbalanced person. They might have let him get the job with Navy Intelligence to feed disinformation to Russia, China, and Israel because they knew since those governments were involved with me, that they would know about Pollard. They might have taken advantage of a disturbed person who was a Jew who was needful of having a connection to Israel because of what was missing in his own life. Israel certainly did. Pollard would always say to his supervisors, "Israel really needs to know about this." The reason the CIA had turned his security clearance down the first time was because during his college years at Stanford, it was found out he had used drugs excessively and had gone around acting like he was a mysterious spy for Israel. Israeli intelligence did take care of his failed background check the CIA gave him when he applied for work there, but it is a mystery if when he got the job with Navy Intelligence in 1979, if he wasn't used to feed disinformation to Israel, Russia, and China.  Or did that started getting done after what I told the Marshals?

Speaking of Israel, I can't stand Benjamin Netanyahu. He is so childish and conceited and arrogant. He is also a hardcore racist. Since Israel keeps electing him, they must be too. He keeps getting suspected of graft and is making changes to Israel's judiciary system so he can't be investigated.  He must think he is some genius. Like kicking around a soccer ball and making the statement that this Benjamin didn't take Benjamins dishonestly while asserting his innocence. Or childishly and conceitedly making it look like it was a slip of the tongue when he said Israel was a nuclear power. He also welcomed Jonathon Pollard to Israel even after the US made the comment that Pollard was one of the most damaging spies in our history. Pollard bragged about spying for governments other than just Israel. At least, though, Netanyahu is smart enough to publicly admonish those Jews who spit on the Christian believers who visit the Holy Land. Netanyahu had asked Trump and then Biden to keep sanctions on the World Court so they will not investigate Israel for war crimes against the Palestinians. That's tricky, though, because the Court wants to investigate war crimes by the US done during the war in Afghanistan. Now they have indicted Putin with war crimes. But the US did remove its sanctions against the court. Howevr, neither the US nor Israel recognize the jurisdiction of the court. To prove how hypocritical the US is, and how much it is controlled by the Jews and Israel, the US backed off of an investigation into the killing of a Palestinian-American journalist who was investigating an Israeli raid in the West Bank. There was no active hostilities in the area but Israel's military opened fire on the clearly identifiable reporters, killing one. Those Middle Eastern countries that established diplomatic relations with Israel must not have any values. But maybe they did thinking they could influence Israel or because Israel shares intelligence with them that they make sure the US doesn't. Also, Israel makes the United States limit the intelligence and defense agreements it makes with countries like Saudi Arabia to try to force those countries into establishing diplomatic relations.  But I guess as far as the Palestians are concerned, we don't really care, but because of the necessity of maintaining good relations with the Gulf Muslim states, we try to make it look that way. It is just like we have never really cared about the Indians or the African Americans. Our country has always had an attitude of White Anglo Saxon Protestant supremacy. I learned in a college history class that the settlers deliberately would get the Indians addicted to alcohol so they would hunt more deer and other animals for their furs. The settlers would pay the Indians in alcohol. The deer almost went extinct. We tried to deceptively entice them to live our way of life after causing them so much hardship. We then forced the them off of their land if anybody remembers the Trail of Tears. We still have the same attitude, I think, with the Israeli control of the Palestinians. But Israel is guilty of aparthied. The view that the Israeli state is racist is an assessment arguably supported by the world’s two most prominent human rights organizations — Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, which both now define the status quo of Israeli rule over the Palestinians in the occupied territories, as well as discriminatory policies against Palestinian citizens of Israel, as akin to apartheid. Recently, the Methodist Church made a formal declaration that Israel is guilty of that. Israel then accused them of anti-Semantism which is what they always say when criticized about activities that aren't just. However, with the way the Jews and Israel control our elections because of how they manipulate them and because of who they bribe (i.e. campaign donations, promise of investments), we, for the most part, never say too much about Isreal's treatment and suppression of the Palestinians. But to try to look good, we do pay lip service to the Palestians and we give them minimal aid. But it just isn't who Israeli and American Jews bribe as to why the US always supports Israel. It is because certain poltiicians know they would be vulnerable at losing the next election if they go against Israel because of who Israel would then support. I'm glad we have re-established giving aid to the Palestians. But it is like we are only giving the Palestians aid until we allow the Israelis to push them out just to look good. That is what we are allowing them to do. We don't stand up for them very much as controlled as we are by Israel. We only help them somewhat to curry diplomatic favors with the powerful Muslim gulf states. Most of the help is just lip service. I have always been accused of comparing apples to oranges but how can the United States say it believes in freedom and democracy when it allows Israel to suppress the rights of the Palestinian people? Is it because of their voting power? Israel uses the excuse that its occupied territories breed terrorists that are a threat to its existence. But what do they expect when they always suppress the rights of the Palestinians and do things like push them out by granting residence permits to Israelis in areas that should belong to the Palestians? They evict the Palestians from their homes. Oh, and the US's response because of how much Israel controls us? It is to make a mild rebuke. But the US does nothing. Most Palestinians live in poverty. Palestinians should be given back the occupied territories. And people don't seem to understand that Israel took over area in 1948 that was inhabiated by the Palestians but had seen an influx of Jewish migration to the area. But it does not help the situation how the organization Hamas controls the Gaza Strip and how they use violence to try to obtain rights for the Palestians and push Israel out. Hamas' brutal and violent terrorist attacks have compounded and perpetuated the suffering of the Palestinian people. But it is because of Israel's suppression of the Palestians and because HAMAS considers Israel's occupation of the area to be illegal. People are angry at Israel's response of indiscrimately killing those Palestians who were not responsible for the attack that happened recently in Israel. Hamas feels violence will somehow acquire rights for the Palestians because they don't have any. They feel there is no other solution. They don't see how the Palestians could improve their situation any other way. Recently, the UN voted for a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas because Israel's military response is causing massive suffering for innocent Palestians caught in the cross-fire. But since the US is controlled by Isreal, it vetoed the resolution. One must remember how fast ISIS developed after the US caused a civil war in Iraq. If Israel was successful at radicating HAMAS, another extremist group would probably take its place. But it seems like Israel thinks that eradicating the Palestians and keeping them suppressed is the only viable solution. That seems to be be Israel's objective especially given the fact that Israel is not using laser guided bombs that the US could supply them but bombs that kill a lot of innocent civilians. But the US is allowing the Israeli government to engage in the indescriminate mass murder of innocent Palestinians. Biden wants to make it look like he is being fair by trying to force Israel into making adjustments so as to alleviate the famine that is occuring in Gaza. But Israeli attacks are causing mass suffering for innocent Palestians and the US is allowing it so what point does Biden think he is making? Some members of Congress are speaking out against the Israeli response. However, the Republican controlled House, and other Republican members of Congress, have always given Israel their full support no matter what Israel does. Although, Biden knows that Israel and the Jews will more than likely support Trump in the next election, he still has to acquiesce for the most part Israel's operations in Gaza because he knows that Israel will stop supporting the Democrats that they do support. There is also the possibility that the Jews and Israel know embarassing information about the President or his son that they could leak. Or maybe they pressure the President and US through some other means or because of information that they know that could harm the US. That is because of who Israel bribes, although technically it isn't called that. Politicians that Israel knows would support them are probably helped in their election campaigns to subvert opponents by Israeli intelligence. I am also sure Israeli intelligence is used to destroy people who go against Israel's actions. Just like they helped Trump. Tucker Carlson, and FOX news might have even been manipulated into being responsible for how radical most Republican members of Congress are. Particularly in the House. And it is being looked at that Tucker Carlson is also a Russian asset. If so, those Republican members of Congress, particularly in the House, who unequivocally support Israel no matter what, if they got themselves elected by the Jews and did anything dishonest to do so, they could be compromised by Russia because of what Tucker Carlson could have ended up knowing. The Republican controlled House held up military aid to Ukraine.

Around a decade ago I thought of an ingenious way of finally doing something about the dishonest agents. They always controlled my case. And it wasn't just people who worked for Russia. Some of them worked for Israel or Saudi Arabia or had things to do with Lompoc. People in Lompoc get violent if you get someone into trouble or get violent if they perceive you feel important and aren't in one of the cliques. I was being drugged as usual with dishonest people around. I said they could prove how jealous I get and that I have the bad temper they said I had if I was at the Spokane FBI office and people proved to me how important they were. So I was taken there while being brainwashed for me to remember later. I had remembered a young agent there who I hoped was honest and mature. While I was at the FBI that day for people to make me jealous, I wandered into his office. And I set up this trap with him to ask this woman agent, who I know was dishonest for Russia or Israel, to allow him get in contact with this girl from Lompoc that I knew was working for the Russians. I told him she always wore a black turtleneck and white pants as part of her "uniform". I told him the woman agent who was just in his office knew who she was. I told him to act very immature about me and say that he could really help the people that she worked for prove their case about me if he was to talk to them if they worked for the CIA or FBI. He was to set up this trap to supposedly make me think there was a listening device that wasn't detectable with equipment.  It was to be used for a case that involved Al Qaeda that his colleague was to bring into his office with both me and her sitting there. He was to make that girl think too that this listening device might really exist so she would take it to the agents she worked with and not just steal it. Then he was to make it look like he had to leave for an emergency. I knew she would. While they were sitting at a table waiting to put it in my pocket and supposedly catch me with it, other agents were to walk up to them and bring certain subjects up and then walk off so they would discuss it with the listening device sitting there which would be on. But for all I know, the person who I thought was an agent who I told this idea too, was someone who was dishonest as far as I was concerned.  All I remember later about this is that one FBI agent was telling another agent he was going to jail. The case changed very little after that but things did get a little better. Even after this incident, I wasn't questioned, and nothing more about the case got investigated because of how ridiculous, dishonest, and bureaucratic the FBI is. I sometimes wonder if the idea actually worked and if it was actually a government agent I gave the idea to, because there was nothing in the news about any agents being arrested. But what happened to me after the trap was used was that Russian agents and other evil people were able to inject me over and over again while I just sat there already drugged. The FBI didn't protect me or the agents watching me were dishonest. I'm always getting drugged. The government is unbelievably stupid about dishonest agents and other people involved in the case.  I get injected with drugs all the time by evil people after being drugged first with brainwashing drugs.The drugs do a lot of things to my mind. Anymore I have reached the conclusion that I have no other choice but suicide. I feel I am running out of time to do it.  I get so filled with hatred over being drugged and my life always made a living hell that they go and prove I am violent even though I don't attempt to strike anybody. Then they use drugs on me that are used on violent people. Suicide is the only way to end this nightmare. I wonder why I was never given a new identity. The FBI and CIA never tell me anything. But they are never very nice people or very intelligent people and a lot of their personalities border on being sociopathic. And I mean that in all honesty. But suicide is the only answer. There is no other way it will ever end. The situation has made me consider buying enough fentanyl to overdose. Since people who know of me would never sell me any considering what I am involved in, I would hope I could alleviate their fears by telling them the case would be thrown out of court because of the diagnosis I was given that allowed me to receive Social Security Disability benefits. I honestly don't have any other option but suicide. It's like the FBI and CIA got taken over by people who did their own recruiting and these people just like to do nothing but brainwash me or use other drugs on me. It doesn't really seem to be the Russians who are responsible because they aren't capitalizing on anything but maybe a Russian agent got blackmailed. Or maybe this has always mainly been the Jews and something started with the FBI and the Jews with Deep Throat who was the Deputy Director of the FBI in 1974. Suicide is the only way to stop me from getting drugged. But I have to take care of a few things first. I honestly do think someone did their own recruiting which sounds unbelievable but I really think that is the truth. But as drugged as I always am, maybe I am just supposed to think they are agents. I hope people believe what I have written in this essay and decide it would be better to not have anything to do with the US Government. 

I remember an  asshole sometime later who was either an FBI agent or a CIA agent, telling me that it was being discussed doing something about me. And I complained about how I was treated and he goes “Deal with it.” Oh, ANOTHER FBI or CIA agent who worked for Russia that the FBI didn’t know about but maybe could have if they had used the manpower to look for dishonest agents by monitoring me. But it is interesting how dedicated at helping Russia dishonest agents would get.  However, in two different incidences, agents who worked for Russia, if that is who that redheaded woman worked for, got so upset over what they were a party to, that they told her they wanted to quit working for her but she said they couldn't.

Spy agencies use a tremendous amount of psychology in intelligence work to be able to coerce their targets, manipulate them, flip them, or destroy them and their reputation. You get studied very intrusively. My whole life has been a living hell. But at least I can take solace in what a Czech agent had once said regarding his dealings with other agents: "It is like going through a personality meat grinder." That is exactly what it has been like for me. Agents are naturally assholes and they love for a reason to be one. That's all American agents are good at except for being egotistical.  Besides the people from Lompoc and Russia's agents, I also have to deal with people the Jews use. The five spy agencies I have always been involved with wanted to break me down and use my mind. My government, because of how much dishonesty and stupidity there is, lets them. Does anyone remember how one scientist suspected of giving Al Qaeda anthrax sued the government for seven million because the government destroyed his reputation? And does anyone remember how another suspected scientist killed himself because of the harassment and threats? That scientist had gone and approached the FBI with information about the strain of anthrax sent in the letters. He had said that the laboratory he worked for did research using the same strain. The government accused him of coming forward to cover his tracks. I'm not suprised at all he ended up killing himself because of how aggressive agents can be towards people they suspect. Then the government made it look like they had the evidence he was guilty to protect themselves. I go through that kind of hell all the time. America just uses informants and then it doesn’t care. Does anyone remember that Iranian nuclear scientist who defected to the West? After the CIA was done using him he was left alone and was lonely for his family. He redefected back to Iran after getting phony assurances from Iran’s government he wouldn’t be arrested. He was executed. James Clapper and John Brenner who were in charge of the intelligence agencies at that time should have remembered another defector back in the early 1980’s named Belenko. He hated the Soviet system and flew a MIG jet to Japan and defected to the United States. After being debriefed he felt lonely and considered going back to Russia but he had one friend in the CIA who cared about him and changed his mind before he did. 

My reputation would get destroyed at every job I had and as a member of the Catholic Church my priests would be told such evil things about me they hated me my whole life except for one. In 1992, I was going to St. Anthony's Catholic Church. The Vietnamese priest who served there would always give me a hateful look. Father Dublinski, who was the rector of Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral in Spokane, Washington, hated me because I called myself a Catholic but was told I went to church to look good. After him, came Father Connall, who would give me a sick, disgusted grimace every time I went up for communion. Then, after mass, he would act like a total asshole towards me in front of everyone. They have used Father Connall to exhibit certain behavior on other occasions, too, when I have done something or said something people working for the government didn't like.  The priests were always told that I made Catholics look bad. Because of the FBI and CIA and how dishonest they are, I will never have very much to do with any priest, even if I was dying. I don't plan to ask for the Sacrament of Last Rites or arrange for a Catholic funeral. That decision is set in concrete. There is nothing that can ever change that. You don't know what they have been told that day. Now they tell my priests to be nice to me but I am not about to ever get into a serious discussion with one about anything if the FBI talks to them considering they always suspect me of espionage and other crimes.  Not only that but a lot of agents are immature. The FBI and CIA also always think they need to be my personality police and they use the priests for that.

Our very technologically advanced defense industry causes people in our government to feel very important and powerful and they misjudge the capabilities of what the United States can accomplish with its war machine. Before the United States voted to invade Iraq, I went to a speech given by a professor from Gonzaga University about what would happen if we invaded. He said it would cause a serious civil war between the Sunnis, the Shites, and the Kurds with countries aligned with them getting involved. He said there was deep animosity between the three groups and each would want to dominate the others. As far as the weapons of mass destruction were concerned, before the war, it was proven Sadaam didn't have the material to make any. George Bush still tried to use it as an excuse to invade. If they did have them, a civil war could cause them to end up in the wrong hands. There was no tangible proof given that he had them. And if he was developing them, then solid evidence should have been presented so other options could be pursued like further sanctions or negotiations. When Sadaam got arrested he very angrily kept saying that he had no control.  Not only that, but before the invasion, there were years of deep budget cuts and personnel cuts in the CIA that started in 1994 with a Republican Congress and a Democratic President. It is Congress who controls the purse strings. George Tenet, the CIA Director, has said that at the time of the invasion, the CIA only had a skeleton staff. We shouldn’t have invaded because of those deep cuts and Tenet should have realized what the Gonzaga professor realized. Only three or four countries, after pressure from the United States, supported the US invasion. As an example of how ridiculous the CIA and the presidents are, one of the presidents fairly recently gave the George Tenet Medal to a Saudi prince for his efforts to combat terrorism. Tenet had testified before Congress that the invasion was necessary. Colin Powell, who had been the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and James Clapper, who eventually became Director of National Intelligence, also advocated for the invasion. The war in Iraq cost at least 1 trillion dollars. It took the lives of about 4400 American military service personnel and the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. President Bush attempted to justify the destructive war by falsifying the claim it was to prevent terrorism and bring democracy to the Middle East. How could he think that when he had to have been aware of how many Muslims actually had a bias against the United States? Especially because of our support of Israel. And how could that be done with a destroyed country and after causing a war?  It is always the countries that have suffered some kind of serious crisis and are unstable that end up with terrorists or violence. It then is very difficult to make them democratic. Up to that point, no terrorists had any ties to Iraq. However, the notorious Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq wasn't just used to humiliate prisoners by immature American soldiers, Sadaam used it extensively to torture political prisoners. Iraq now is almost a failed state rife with corruption that lacks the ability to provide its citizens with basic needs. And because of the war, there is still a serious problem with ISIS. Israel did not publicly state that the invasion would be a disaster and that Iraq had no WMD. They had to have known what the Gonzaga professor knew. We do not know privately what they said to the US. But if they didn't say anything publicly, didn't that mean they wanted us to invade? I'm sure they had to have known it would be a disaster but maybe they wanted the Muslim countries to be a mess. I am sure with their voting power, they couldn't have been pressured by Bush to go along with it.  So maybe they wanted it. Furthermore, there were quite a number of important Jews in the Bush aministration and in Congress, who wanted the war. I can't believe any politiican wouldn't have known how unstable Iraq would be. I guess they didn't know just how hard it would be to make it stable again. I mean, since the Bush Administration should have known that, I can't believe Israel would have actually been stupid enough to want it with the idea of later using it as a staging ground to one day invade Iran. One reason we support Israel is because we consider them to be a source of valuable intelligence. Evidently they aren't. Israel will also not help Ukraine defend itself from Russia's invasion. They will not help with intelligence and blocked Ukraine from using the NSO Group, which is an Israeli company, from using their military grade hacking resources to tap into Russian official's phones. They said it was because they needed Russia's cooperation in Syria.  I wouldn't put it past Israel even allowing the NSO Group to have been used against Ukraine if Russia's hacking capabilities aren't as superior. I mean, the NSO Group even sold their software to people like dictators so they could hack into human right's activists' and journalists' cell phones. That shows it is evident Israel's government has no values because their intelligence service would have known of the NSO's activities. I even wonder if Russia knew information that could harm Israel's reputation internationally or with the United States to get Israel's cooperation. Maybe Russia even blackmailed Israel because of some of their intelligence activities that caused disasters or maybe they should try to think of a way of doing so. If what has been done to me is because of the Jews, all Russia would need to do is get their file on me or the Jew's file on me who caused this and then they could blackmail Israel. But I don't know if it was the Jews who initially caused all this. But I wonder if countries like Russia know that if they want to achieve a political objective that damages the US, that they could turn to the Jews. Jews always want to be important and have allies who will help them achieve their objectives. If the Jews wouldn't do it outright, then countries like Russia would just have to give them a reason to do something that would make them think it would benefit them. Furthermore, a Jew will never turn another Jew in and will more than likely do anything another Jew asks them to do. They can be on both sides of the poliitcal spectrum, sometimes, but the side that will achieve the greatest power always wins.

It is very evident Trump colluded with Israel. The things he did for Israel normally no president ever would have done due to diplomatic constraints. For one thing, he cut off all aid to the Palestians, which I don't think any president has ever done before. His son-in-law was a hard-line Jew and a Presidential advisor. Under Biden aid was re-established. More proof as to how the Jews and Israel controlled Trump was when he overturned decades of US policy that viewed Israeli expansion of settlements in the Gaza strip as being opposed to international law. President Trump also signed an executive order that expanded his administration's interpretation of race and national origin to include Judaism--a move that extends certain civil rights protections to the Jews. The US assassination of Iran's revered top military commander was because Israel had asked Trump to do it.  Prior to the Trump Administration, the US had been in talks with Iran aimed at slowing their progress in making nuclear weapons. One of Israel's intentions in having Trump order the assassination was to derail any possible future talks. They have always wanted a US military response. The assassination and further hardening of relations between Iran and the US under Trump resulted in a hardliner becoming Iran's president. This makes future talks and diplomacy more difficult. Israel knew that it would. The assassination might have been what caused Iran to accidentally shoot down a Ukrainian passenger jet flying over their territory a short time later. Iran, I am sure, was feeling threatened, and may have overreacted.  On numerous occasions, Israeli fighter jets have made incursions into Iranian territory. There is also the possibility that Israel managed to have the Iranians who manned the anti-aircraft batteries have secret hatred for Iran's regime. Some years back, Israel was assassinating inside Iran scientists who worked on their nuclear program. They had to have had inside help to do that.  People reading this might find it hard to believe but I get drugged all the time which causes me to be out of control and dangerous with what I say and think and it seems to be the Jews who do it. But I feel very certain I had talked about Iran doing  that and had said I wanted it to be a Ukrainian jet to impress Putin. When I am being drugged and out of control I am also being brainwashed so I am not completely certain I did,  But these Ukrainian janitors who clean the apartment building that I live in had this girl with them when they were cleaning it one day and her behavior indicated she was acting the way she was acting because of what I had said. I don't know if the janitors actually knew who she was though. Or she just was there when they were. I am pretty certain of the reason why she was there but I didn't remember until later what I had said, so I don't know if she was there before or after Iran shot the jet down. But I am sure that is the reason why. But this could indicate that Israel somehow caused Iran to shoot it down to get them and me into trouble. 

Throughout Trump's presidency it was very evident he had no experience, understanding, or interest at all as far as foreign diplomacy or objectives were concerned unless it dealt with cutting aid to lower taxes or dealt with Iran because of the way Israel controlled him. Other than that he had no interest in foreign affairs although he did attack China and N. Korea which were easy targets. I'm quite sure the Jews and Israel were instrumental in introducing him to the right people and educating him on how to get elected. I'm sure their agents in the FBI, went and got rid of, or covered up, any dealings of his that could indicate he was a dishonest person. I mean every Presidential candidate is vetted by government agents to determine if he is honest or could be compromised.  I find it so strange, given the evidence of how dishonest he is, that he would have chosen an FBI Director that seemed to have good credentials. Maybe the Jews knew Wrey would do things for them because of an investment opportunity they arranged. Or maybe they wanted him because he was not too experienced in FBI matters and had the right kind of personality that could be manipulated.  It would also allow them to have better access to our country's secrets and technology to further Israel's by being able to control a lot of the FBI. I'm quite sure they initially were the ones who bankrolled Trump's campaign. Israel and the Jews probably chose Trump a long time ago and made sure Jared Kushner would end up being introduced to Ivanka Trump. All they'd have to do is make him the Republican candidate because then he would get the support of the rest of the party. When Obama violated the freedom of believers by making religious organizations pay a very steep fine if they denied contraceptives or abortions to their customers, that as well played a very big factor in getting Trump elected. Particularly, given the knowledge that Trump more than likely would be appointing justices to the Supreme Court who would then rule against abortion rights. Israel knew that would embolden the religious right and made sure Obama would be that stupid. I mean how stupid could he have been to have thrown all his support and connections behind Hilary Clinton? What I would always hear about her from people who lean Democrat is that they couldn't stand her. Because of the Jews who were Obama's advisors, they probably knew what Hilary Clinton should offer him if he threw his support and connections behind her. I'm sure Israel warned Trump ahead of time about the emails Russia had obtained from the Democratic National Committee about Hilary and told him to just make careful overtures. The Jews knew very well what kind of person Donald Trump was because of who his son-in-law is and what kind of President he would be by their conversations with him. However, they wanted him to be the president anyway to achieve their political interests. One way they could would be to influence and manipulate FOX News by clever distortion of the facts to make people believe what they wanted them to believe. Trump invited Kanye West to Mars Lago to try to make it appear that Israel and the Jews did not control him. If Trump is able to overcome his legal problems and is elected again, Israel could have power over him by finding something to politely blackmail him with. Furthermore, Israel could "bribe" him through means of an investment. Like the Saudis did with Jarod Kushner. If Trump did collude with the Russian government as well, it would also be difficult to prove.  Since it was very evident the Jews and Israel were responsible for Trump because of things he did for them, maybe they were also responsible for George Bush Jr. becoming president, especially if they did want that war in Iraq. Hopefully, Israel hasn't manipulated the way a president is elected enabling them to "throw" an election. I mean how could we have ever ended up with Retard? On 9-11, Retard froze. Dick Cheney took over the decision making.  Retard couldn't even talk sometimes in coherent sentences. And right from the start of his presidency he did nothing but press for the invasion of Iraq. Maybe that is what Israel wanted since they did not publicly have any objection to it and members of Bush's administration who were Jewish advocated for it. Right from the start of Bush's presidency, he started pushing for the invasion of Iraq. If that is what Israel wanted, maybe they couldn't foresee the governmental meltdown in Iraq that would lead to ISIS. After all, they would have warned us about that. They would even have said something publicly. They would have known an invasion would lead to a civil war like the Gonzaga professor knew. I mean, how could we have legitimately elected George Bush Jr to a second term after the civil war he caused in Iraq? But with Trump, maybe they deliberately wanted to wait four years for him to win again. Donald Trump is a serial liar, cheater, and philanderer, a six-time declarer of corporate bankruptcy, an instigator of insurrection, and a convicted felon who thrives on portraying himself as a victim,  Are we going to allow him to be a reflection of the culture of our country to the world? Are we going to allow someone with that kind of personality to be our president?  There is nothing in Trump’s personality that exhibits any kind of compassion whatsoever that is necessary when undertaking problems that a president tries to solve for the good of the nation, the good of the world. But maybe what determines who becomes the president is not actually determined democratically but just appears to be. If Trump becomes our president, he would be a good argument for countries that do not democratically elect who leads them as an excuse not to. But if the Jews have the capability to manipulate an election, what else do you think they secretly do? Maybe they are why we never usually get anyone very intelligent and mature to run for office. They probably destroy really intelligent people that could be a threat to them or do it for somebody else. Considering how it turned out what Donald Trump was like, it is evident the Jews knew of the best and the brightest to recruit to be a part of his election campaign. With his personality and background and lack of expertise, who else would have initially supported him? I'm sure some of those classified files Donald Trump was so reckless with were files about Israel and Iran which Israel wanted. I mean, if anyone remembers Jonathon Pollard, there is a lot of sensitive information with Israel we do not share but I am certain it all got shared with Israel under Trump. I just find it interesting that Donald Trump had all those files because he basically had no interest in foreign affairs unless it was something Israel wanted him to be interested in. Or an easy target like China or North Korea. Also, did someone say they had worked in the Navy at a party and brought up subs so the next time they saw Donald Trump he would show off what he knew about our subs that was top secret? Like he did?

I wonder if Wrey is a dishonest FBI Director for the Jews since they controlled Trump and Trump chose him. If Russia or China would like to find out if he is dishonest, why don't they have someone ask him about my case? Like the CIA director. Before that, though, why don't they have one of their agents tell him a few things about what is really going on with it. A lot of agents, especially the woman agents, love to be my personality police so with everything I do and say I have to doublethink on how the personality police will react to it. I want to kill myself over it. I have an awful lot of very serious problems with my mind because of the brainwashing drugs. But I hate being brainwashed. And it is a very traumatizing not knowing if you have been brainwashed and something happened and you just don't remember it. I hate the problems I have where I have to dissect a memory to see if it is true or false.  It is a hellish nightmare to be brainwashed and then remember things with the realization you were in a drugged state and not in control while they were going on. I am allowed to remember later when what the memory was about has happened. Then you can't tell unless there is realistic action in the memory that confirms it. Or something else that happened in your life when you weren't being brainwashed does. One way I prove to myself a memory is true and not false is knowing the mind doesn't make up false action. The drugs seem to enhance creativity and intelligence but at the same time you are drugged which can cause you to come up with dangerous ideas around the wrong people.

Because of the use of brainwashing drugs, other drugs are used on me as well.  A few times a drug would get used on me that would cause me to wake up with little white clouds in my eyes and my brain would be completely paralyzed for weeks. I think drugs got used on me so I am now incapable anymore of feeling the emotion of joy. I wonder if I can't feel joy anymore because of the drugs that are used on me when it is proven I am violent. But just ask the FBI. I am the only dishonest person who has ever been involved in this case. Except once in a while agents who work for Russia. I wonder if a drug got used on Mother Theresa so she could no longer experience God. 

Polonium should be accepted by the Catholic Church as a reasonable means of carrying out the death penalty. I'm just being cynical. The Russians used it to kill Alexander Litivenko who exposed a lot of corruption in the Russian government and who had worked for the Russian spy agency, the FSB. It takes fifteen to twenty days to die and the suffering is not as bad as pure pain. You have time to think of your sins. And time to think of heaven, hell, God, and the state of your soul. Litevenko was pretty lucid the whole time up until his death. We really had no right to say anything at the time about his assassinaiton by Putin. The CIA, with President George Bush's blessing, had assassinated Edward Lee Howard who had exposed the identities of 10 Russian agents working for the United States. Howard had defected to Moscow before his arrest. He also had compromised that the CIA had accessed sensitive communication lines underneath Moscow's sewer system.

The CIA used an undercover FBI agent who supposedly was writing a book on Howard and made it look like he was trying to leak secrets from conversations he had overheard FSB agents have to try to gain favor with the American government while asserting his innocence. That is what the CIA wanted the FSB to believe. Then Howard would lose his security if he still had any. Later, to see if he still did, the CIA had a reporter barge into his dacha and make accusatory statements. When no security showed up, the CIA knew Howard no longer had any. Then the next time he got drunk (he was always getting drunk), the CIA showed up and impersonated two FSB agents. They simply broke Howard's neck and made it look like he had fallen down the stairs of his dacha.  

The Jews, with Israel's help, are a very well connected and informed network. They always have their own involved in the government, in any important company, in any important research, and they always marry important people. They are connected through their ties to Israel. They always make sure to enrich other Jews and help Israel. Israel, along with Saudi Arabia, are considered two of our most important allies.  After studying politics for over 40 years, it is amazing to know how those two countries control our government to a large extent. If anything, to make sure we can't control theirs. Saudi Arabia, however, does not have the kind of control that they used to. But it is amazing how much bribing both countries do. The whole world bribes the United States but a lot of it is perfectly legal. Recently, the Saudi government made a 2 billion dollar investment into Jared Kushner's investment company. He is Trump's son-in-law who helped the Jews and Israel with vital intelligence and decision making by being a presidential aide. I wonder if the investment got made because of what Kushner knew and told the Saudis. Kushner used his security clearance to give them very valuable intelligence concerning what the US knew about Saudi agents assassinating Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi. Khashoggi was a reporter working for the Washington Post. He had been very opposed to the new Crown Prince's tactics to establish control that would also allow for a more liberal approach to Islam. Kushner, probably right from the start, gave them intelligence to help the Saudi government cover up its role in the assassination.  A Saudi panel had recommended against the investment because they did not think Kushner had a very good company. However, Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince voted otherwise. Kushner will receive about 25 million annually in fees for maintaining the investment. And speaking of Kushner. It is interesting to note, that, before his father-in-law Trump left office, a convicted drug dealer, who had ties to Kushner, was pardoned by Trump. That compromised a very important investigation. I can't imagine that Kushner didn't profit from that deal either. Dishonest people in our government like to do this kind of thing all the time. It makes the fact that they were bribed legal. And now, Ivanka Trump, because of legal problems, has been utilizing a law firm and paying for it because of donations given to her father for his own legal problems. 

We never had too much of a problem before with Saudi Arabia's high handed ways of handling dissent. I mean throughout the entire history of our relationship with Saudi Arabia, we wanted them to abandon their strict interpretation of Sharia. To do that, their Crown Prince needed to suppress dissent and do it definitively or risk instability in the Kingdom. Khashoggi vehemently oppossed the Crown Prince's tactics. His fiance was a very conservative Muslim who wore a black gown. Of course, the US just loves to look for a self-righteous reason to tout its belief in freedom and democracy to prove its superiority. 

But I'm sure Israel's and Saudi Arabia's intelligence service is tipped off all the time about people to spy on but what they find out they don't raise any concerns with us about. Or tell us how to take care of the problem.  And they probably use some of the problematic agents the CIA and FBI have always had a problem with because they end up bribing some of them and then they help them with their careers in intelligence.  What caused me to almost fall over in shock one day was the realization that Russia wasn't always responsible for problematic personalities in the FBI and CIA. I realized that because they didn't capitalize on them as much as they could have. That meant they were probably the fault of Israel and the Jews or the Saudis.  However, Russia must be responsible sometimes. As when a drunk named Aldrich Ames was appointed to be in charge of the Russian Desk at the CIA. His work before that was mediocre. Some agents seethed at his appointment but they were powerless to do anything about it. Ames lived the high life for quite some time after burning 10 CIA Russian assets before the right people realized he had to have been responsible. It was after the FBI got called into the case. I mean, he had to have been a stupid person to openly live way beyond his income after the loss of 10 assets. But he did say it was because of his wife's wealth. But from analyzing world affairs and intelligence matters, it is evident that Russia was not always responsible for the dangerous personalities in the FBI and CIA, but it seems like Israel is the country who benefited the most from them. 

Especially in their early days, both the FBI and CIA had agents that had radical attitudes that were anti-democratic. They are still like that in a lot of ways, even today. I deal with that attitude, and the personalities that go along with it, all the time. Starting n the fifties, the CIA secretly used a psychiatric facility in Canada to try to develop drugs and methods to find a way to destroy memories. The program was called MKULTRA. The government eventually got sued by former patients for what amounted to torture. But the CIA and FBI even during the early 70's had stupid and dangerous people working for them. One of the Watergate burglers worked for the CIA. This would have been useful to Israel because they wanted to acquire military and nuclear secrets from the United States to enable them to better protect themselves after taking over territory again that for centuries was no longer theirs. Not only could they do that by who they bribed in the government but it is useful to them and to America's enemies that the American public stay paranoid of the FBI, CIA, and military so their spies can get away with obtaining our secrets. Our freedom makes it more easy for them to do so. It's like Israel keeps the CIA stupid for their own purposes. And it is amazing that when they are caught doing something they shouldn't be doing, all they get is an irritated rebuke. I mean, for starters, the CIA and FBI, have the attitude that it is really rare for agent's to be dishonest and that they'd know. They never seem to be aware at all of agent's that work for Israel.  There seems to be quite a few who do. But Israel also wants to control Congress and the President to always ensure the US's military and financial support of Israel. It isn’t just in the United States government where the Jews manipulate and bribe to achieve their goals. In Germany, a law was recently passed where new emigres had to declare that Israel had the right to exist. 

It amazes me the things I know Russia does. A lot of the time their more outlandish failures seem to showcase them as inept and incapable of as much manipulation as they actually do. It is interesting how people unwittingly get used as their pawns. Some knowingly and some unwittingly. I wouldn't be surprised if Russia had something to do with the Capitol rioters. I mean Putin would love to showcase Americans protesting against their government like Russians protest against his. And make a comparison of the kind of people doing it. Roger Stone, who was indicted for lying during the investigation into Russia's involvement in the 2016 campaign, was seen talking to the person who was the head of the Proud Boys. There is a strong possibility Stone was always a Russian operative. I mean you'd think Stone is intelligent enough to know a protest made up of mainly fringe and radical elements wouldn't change the results of the election, so what was his ulterior motive? He also should have known the types of people who were going to be protesting there, would not have impressed mainstream America and it could end up backfiring on Trump, if he planned to run again in four years. It would be insanity to think the protest would overturn the election. Especially because of the type of people involved in the riot.  Most people would know that. People who work on election campaigns as Stone did for Trump focus heavily on having their candidate be appealing to the general public. Any seasoned campaign worker would know a riot at the Capital comprised of fringe elements that he knew would be the ones protesting could potentially damage Trump's legitimacy. Trump did voice his support for the rioters. I think Stone knew damn well what he was doing and did it for Russia. Russia could make the comparison that the people who protested Putin's presidency were of the same stock as the Capitol rioters. The FBI did get intelligence that there could be security issues on January 6th but the lynchpin for the Russians would have been the person in charge of the Capitol police. He turned down offers of additional security but maybe the Russians made sure someone downplayed potential security issues to him.  It seems security at the Capital would have been considered by the rioters, particularly since there were militia type protesters involved. It would have been easy to get people close to Trump to make sure he gave the speech that day that helped instigate it. I think that is the reason why he ended up giving that speech. I am sure it was deliberate on Russia's part that he did because they knew what kind of protest it would turn out to be. I had said while talking to the people who like to drug me that it would be really easy to take over the Capitol. I was asked later about that statement by someone and what I discussed ended up happening. I mean it usually goes over the top that Congress ratifies the results of the Presidential elections just like probably a large number of voters in this country don't know where the electoral college comes from. I'm sure the people Roger Stone associates with made sure that Donald Trump and FOX news would make it an issue. I mean, how would the protesters know they could get anywhere considering most people would have presumed the Capitol would have a lot of security? The Vice President presides over Congress. Did they somehow know it wouldn't? Stone would have taken it into consideration since he evidently had a lot to do with organizing the protest. It seems to me Stone had to have known what the security situation at the Capital would be that day. Don't people who engage in certain types of online discussions know they usually are monitored? After the protests, Trump initially criticized the protesters but later called them "patriots" and said he would pardon most of them. I think it is interesting that Roger Stone worked on President Nixon's re-election campaign. Did he help talk Nixon into the Watergate break-in because as a Russian operative he wanted him to be blackmailed?  Did the Jews trick Nixon into doing it because he would constantly talk about how the Jews totally manipulated and controlled US Politics?  Remember, Nixon tape recorded all Oval Ofice conversations.  Those tape recorded conversations could have been used to blackmail him. During Watergate, it was shown to be very likely that Nixon had some parts of those tapes erased. I mean the break-in was stupid because Nixon was already leading in the polls. 

An affable acting Russian agent told me recently that spies want sex. He told me that because I told him that for some reason being involved with spies always makes me want to have sex with them. But not in exchange for information. Problem is, I am always being brainwashed when anything is going on so I never get to have any fun.  But there has been numerous times, because of the drugs that are used on me, that I end up having sex, without being too coherent. I am not usually interested in sex too often.  But whenever I am involved in intrigue, I crave sex with someone from the opposite sex who is involved if he doesn't seem to be evil. I think it is the nature of the business. You're sharing secrets and that makes you have a feeling of intimacy with the person that you are talking to.  You also feel a little psyched. Being involved in intrigue and knowing secrets is a very powerful aphrodesiac. But I wonder if he said it simply because most men want sex anytime they can get it and not because of the nature of the business.  I am certain there are drugs that can make someone physically desire sex other than just viagra. Maybe even for women. I don't know if we have them but I bet Israel or Russia does. But you think they would be used more often and somehow the CIA would find out. I read in a book a reporter had written about the Soviet Union that most American men are on hyper alert to not get into a compromising situation. Women who work for the Russian government who are used to seduce men who have secrets are called "honey traps". I sometimes wonder if Monica Lewinsky, unknowingly, was someone's honey trap, simply used to ruin President Bill Clinton. She was Jewish and it was through family connections that she eventually secured a job as a White House intern. I remember after Clinton got impeached, he wasn't the same person. It caused him to no longer be respected enough to use his influence to empower the Democratic Party. In a lot of cases, it seems like people know the Jews are the "go to" people to help them do something dishonest. How convenient a Republican named Linda Tripp became her confident. The Russians used a honey trap to seduce a Marine who guarded the American Embassy in Moscow. He was arrested in 1987.  How much damage he actually did is somewhat murky which always seems to be the case in espionage cases involving the Russians.  But knowing secrets and being involved in intelligence for some people is a very powerful aphrodesiac.

My own opinion of Edward Snowden is that he was psychologically unhealthy to have been working for the NSA. There have always been assholes and other problematic personalities in the FBI and CIA that mature agents couldn't do anything about. But Directors should have. In my opinion, the CIA Director we have now, is the first Director the CIA has ever had in my memory who was mature and competent. I think when Snowden ended up in Russia, it was probably a very sophisticated ruse the Russians thought of to make the American government think he didn't give them copies of his downloaded secrets. I inadvertently gave Snowden the idea on how to get the information he wanted. It was after the listening device trap that I set up with an agent from the Spokane FBI office and I thought honest agents would be listening to me. I thought, because of that, I was setting Snowden up. I was taken brainwashed and drugged to the room with the tables again, like a break room or cafeteria, and I was drugged out of my mind as usual. I told these two childish Iranians, who I don't think worked for Iran, but worked for the Jews or Lompoc, how Snowden could get the information that he wanted. Then they acted like I was adorable because I had said something sensitive. They acted that way to make fun of me and to imply I was childish. I know they belonged to someone who was even more of a baby than they were. I'm really short and the person they told was a 4'7" Caucasian. He might have been a midget. He acted babyish, I guess, to imply I was babyish. It was to imply I'd be interested in him. I wouldn't be interested in a baby. I wonder if the three of them are how Israel ended up being so advanced in cybertechnology and hacking. They might have made sure they got a hold of the information Snowden downloaded from the NSA's database. And furthermore, it might have been because of Israel, not Russia, that even after Snowden got fired from the CIA for trying to download some of the same information he later got at the NSA, that he got hired in the first place there. I mean, it seems pretty evident, that Israel is one of the parties that ended up with Snowden's files. Jews find nothing wrong in stealing. They think they are entitled. The three of them did not belong to Russia because Russia would have used Snowden differently. The little midget with the little ponytail who thought he was cute once acted really shaken up over something these people caused but it didn't stop anyone's activities. The people with the drugs just seem to be a bunch of babies who are too stupid to understand the consequences of their actions. But they seem to have gotten people into the governments and it seemed to have happened decades ago. Some years ago, there was a Cuban who lived in my building, who was told by the people from Lompoc that I was interested in him, and I acted upset because of his behavior. But I only acted a little upset with him. I didn't say anything about it to anyone. Someone reported him, probably deliberately to get me into trouble, and he ended up being evicted. That person was probably deliberately around to hear him make a childish pass at me.  It had to have been because of what these people told him because he was never childish. If I had known he had even gotten into trouble, I would have intervened so he wouldn't have. But the day he was moving out, I was sitting on the stoop outside our apartment building, and this FBI agent came out of our building talking on his phone. You could tell the FBI agent seemed childish. He turned to look at me, Then he got into a car with government license plates. Months later, I was walking through the park which is across from our apartment complex, and the childish agent was there. He was spinning around and acting like a baby when he did. I think it was to imply I was a baby. Or to imply such babyish behavior would appeal to me. The childish people responsible for him would assume I would be attracted to him since he was an FBI agent. It definitely was the same person that got into the government car the day Luis was evicted. Someone who had things to do with me was responsible for him being an agent and assigned to the Spokane office. I am certain they also assumed I would find him attractive. I think someone wanted me to be hated for Luis being evicted. He had always tried to send money home to Cuba. It really is like people connected to me somehow got unqualified people into the FBI. Like they had their own recruiting base made up of people from Lompoc or other people that they or people from Lompoc knew. I wonder if the Jews were the ones responsible. If this hasn't been the Jews, it would be impossible for them and Israel not to know about it. It sometimes seems like they even used other people's identities to get into the government. Maybe an agent who worked for Russia got blackmailed is how it got done. It always seems like the agents who are dishonest, or unqualified to really be in the FBI  are the ones who work my case. They sometimes seem to do their jobs if the Russians are involved and do other things to make it look like they are, but  deliberately ignore and don't investigate an awful lot of things that they should. But agents like him that someone obviously got into the FBI because of me, makes me wonder if that is why the CIA keeps losing all their sources all over the world. Maybe China used the people responsible for him to get their own agents in place. China is very advanced in technology and I don't think it is just because of their universities but because of their hacking and who they bribe. Maybe who they even blackmail. 

I was involved in 9-11. In 1981, I had told this childish, stupid Jew who someone had wear a bulletproof vest, about Al Qaeda flying planes into the WTC. I was too drugged to realize he wasn't an Israeli agent. It happened at a privately owned dormitory when I was pretending to go to college in Northridge, California. I had said in my room after having something to do with Russia's agents (if that is who they were), that I wanted to talk to Israel's intelligence service. At that time, I was drugged and did not remember having anything to do with Israel or that they cooperated a lot with Russia. I was too drugged to know that the Jew I was talking to wasn't Israeli intelligence. I told him I would get a job as a janitor for disabled people at FAFB and would walk into the commander's office and tell him how it could be prevented.  I don't even know if the janitorial company existed yet. It was just something I said off the cuff and I think decades later someone made sure to let me know the company existed.  It was owned by a very dishonest Jew. After speaking to him about what was to be called 9-11 and other sensitive information, like how I planned for the USSR to break apart and cause the Communists to be overthrown, I ended up in an apartment where these nice Saudis were. They seemed shaken up and said they really wanted to talk to me. But the Saudi who someone had made important years earlier showed up and goes "Nope, not necessary." I think the Saudi was dishonest and immature, and I really don't know if he had anything to do with the Saudi government. If I had a chance to talk to those other Saudis, history would have turned out differently. I also told that Jew how important people were going to die. My mother was insane and talked about ESP her whole life. One of the drugs that got used on me, especially before I knew I had been brainwashed, made me think I was a psychic. But I even said to that Jew, because of how drugged out of my mind I was, that I was supposed to have tricked Al Qaeda into killing those important people because I had wanted people to think the Catholic Church was the right church, and it would be proven by my ESP. They actually all died the way I said they would. But almost two decades later, about a year and a half before 9-11, someone used the brainwashing drugs on me and antidote while I was working at the base and specifically had me remember what I talked to that childish Jew about. I walked into the commander's office drugged and told him that the FBI needed to monitor flight schools. I told him about what was to become 9-11 and said any radical group in the Middle East would use the idea. This really is the truth. The commander was only there three times. If it really was the commander. Maybe someone did an elaborate ruse to make me think it. And maybe the FBI agent on call that night and his supervisor Norm Brown were actually imposters. There was a picture of the commander hanging on the wall when he was made general. The commander called the FBI and an agent showed up. Then Norm Brown showed up who was the FBI supervisor. I had known about the group Al Qaeda because someone was discussing them once while I was being brainwashed. I can't believe that Norm Brown didn't know I had been tied to numerous acts of terrorism and would have told the FBI and CIA directors what I said. I would get drugged and predict a terrorist attack thinking I was preventing it and then I would get framed for it. I am why a Pan Am jet ended up being bombed. But it was not because I am a violent person and intended it to happen. I had been drugged with the brainwashing drugs and I was laying on the floor in my apartment and there was a notebook right in front of me. And I ended up writing out in detail what ended up in the end being the facts about the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing. And then the same number of days before a Muslim holiday, since the jet was bombed close to Christmas, some months later, the US Navy downed an Iranian jet and that is what I said would happen in a drugged but focused state in the notebook. But it wasn't because I am evil. I was just drugged. I was just like in a deep, thoughtful trance trying to outsmart a terrorist. Then I lost consciouness and when I woke up the notebook was gone. I remembered writing it sometime after the jet was bombed. But there is no way the notebook wouldn't have made a reappearance and given to the FBI right before Flight 103 exploded. But I even had said the bomb would be hidden in a cassette player with clothes to hide the wires.  After every terrorism attack that I was tied to, sharply dressed agents would be around. One of them once was carrying a walkie talkie. But maybe what happened at FAFB was just an elaborate ruse and someone just wanted me to think that it was people from the military and the FBI I was talking to. Government agents have always accused me of being a violent person and a sociopath so there was no reason not to act on the information I told the commander. But I guess when I wanted flight schools watched I was just wanting attention and trying to prove I was important. I can't believe that Counterintelligence wouldn't have previously been in contact with the Spokane FBI.  But I wonder, now, if the older, evil, sociopathic agents that would show up periodically when I was drugged actually were Counterintelligence Agents from the FBI or someone with the brainwwashing drugs just wanted me to think that. They would always just sit there while I sat there drugged. They would have known I had been tied to every single terrorism act.  If they were agents and working for Russia, they easily could have been blackmailed by any of the groups involved because of Lompoc. What is in my FBI file? That Norm would have read? Or the agent he assigned to the case? I wonder if Norm Brown took a bribe from the Russians or the Jews and then got blackmailed because of the people from Lompoc who were working for everyone and nobody knew what they were really doing. When Agent Brown first showed up, I repeated what I said about Al Qaeda flying planes into the WTC. He turned around and gave me a sick, violent look. But then I repeated what I had said to the commander that the FBI needed to monitor flight schools. He then acted smug and babyish and had the exact same body language he had during KREM 2's interview with him when the United States was afraid it would be attacked on the millienial. Every interview that involved violent crime, KREM 2 would interview him and he always acted immature until I mentioned it. Then the last interview he gave before 9-11, he acted mature. But at the base, a couple of nights later I was drugged with the brainwashing drugs again and the commander was washing out a pot. I tried to talk to him but he didn't want to talk to me and said he was working on a really serious problem. He was just there one other time and that was when he was sitting in his office deep in thought. Maybe someone set up an elaborate ruse and it wasn't the commander. But if it was, since he was only there three times when the janitors were, did someone ask him to be? Or did someone ask my supervisor and arranged for us to get there early?  The last time I talked to the commander I asked him about a special plane that was parked on one of the base's runways. He said it was a general's plane from the Pentagon. That is what he said anyway. I wonder if the  person who drugged me in 1981 and had me talk to that disturbed, retarded, babyish Jew wanted to get the credit for how 9-11 could be prevented but still somehow implicate me. It could have never occured to them, that people would be blackmailed. People know how to act mature around the right people but a lot of people, in fact, aren't. I got drugged one other time while at that base. This time I walked into the Wing Commander's office drugged and told him how 9-11 could be prevented. He snapped at me and said: "You have been talking to people?"But about a week later he winked at me.  My supervisor at the company I worked for named Matt House kept telling me over and over again I was a terrorist and was going to be arrested. I wouldn't put it past people like him, and the Director Sherry Russell and the supervisor, Larry Croach all being from Lompoc because that is what Lompoc was like and it is like I was the whole town's entertainment. Back at my apartment complex, there was someone who was the building's maintenance man. He had said to me that he had worked for the DEA out of San Fransisco. But once while talking to him, some of the people who have always been the ones behind everything and using those drugs on me, had me drugged and programmed to remember what I had talked about to the commander. They knew what I talked to him about.  In a drugged state and really, really, high I talked again about Al Qaeda flying planes into the WTC. I was programmed to remember that memory at that moment. He immediatly slammed down his hammer and behaved really childishly like that is what someone was looking for. I think the reports written about what I said at the base ended up being altered or removed. Decades later I remember the CI agents, if that is who they actually were, had said to one another: "We have to let this happen."  I remember them saying after 9-11 that Russia was really angry at them. One of them was saying he was sick to his stomach. Did Robert Mueller cover things up for Israel because of a miscalculation they made?  Because they were the ones who bribed or responsible for Norm Brown? I find it hard to believe that the person who said he was Norm Brown really was him. Because those flight schools should have been watched and because of how he acted. But maybe nobody expected Norm Brown to be blackmailed by the people working for Al Qaeda. That could be the reason why he didn't act on the information I talked about.  After 9-11, I didn't even get questioned. If Robert Mueller had to cover something up because Israel had done something, then he got blackmailed by Lompoc. Or were things kept from Mueller?  Sometimes, especially now, it really is like the FBI got taken over. Maybe through the blackmail of a dishonest high level agent by someone who then got into a couple of key departments and had their own recruiting base. Maybe some of the time I am just supposed to think they are agents.  It's like it got taken over now so nobody would find out the truth about 9-11. But it seems like it had gotten taken over even earlier if it was actual agents I always dealt with.  But I was always classified as a sociopath and violent. That is why flight schools weren't watched. Maybe it was just some elaborate ruse by really childish and stupid people. Later, after 9-11, I was in Norm Brown's office. I don't know what I was doing there, but Norm at one point was crying hysterically, worrying about what was on that tape. I had asked the agent on call that night in Colonel Jones office to always keep a copy of the tape I hoped he had made. But Norm evidently didn't know what tape was being talked about. There was this really immature woman in his office who said "Norm, we need to focus on her." But I had brought up God to Norm a few times while I was in his office and he would get very focused and look at me very directly and say "I don't think about God." So I said to him: "Then how well do you love?" I don't think when you have been brainwashed your mind can make false visuals up that have realistic action. But maybe, somehow, the people who have always been behind this used someone who looked like Norm Brown. Since I was drugged, they could have done that but I really think it was him. 

I can't believe how badly I got destroyed by dishonest agents and by people who went to my high school. Recently, this woman, who is a little younger than me, was in the room with the tables that I get taken to by people who drug me to be cruel. I found out by agents who talked to her while I was sitting there drugged, that her parents had been very important in the CIA and had totally destroyed me with what they proved about me. She was Jewish.  Later, she was telling these other Jewish woman and people from Lompoc, who were sitting there, that these Jews had asked her parents to lie.  So they did. She said that her parents couldn't believe what it caused. I wonder if her parents lying about me had something to do with the Commander's and Norm Brown's attitude towards me. It did not seem like it was done for Russia or China but for the people who always use the brainwashing drugs on me. Maybe the people responsbile for all the spy agencies showing up in 1976. I think there could have been a possibility that her parents later ended up being blackmailed by Russia or China but never discussed it around her. But I don't think either Russia or China really knew what the people who contacted them were actually doing.  Jews are always dishonest because they feel they are entitled. Even when her parents couldn't believe what they caused, they wouldn't admit the truth to anyone. Some of the people involved in this didn't count on Norm Brown possibly being blackmailed by people associated with Al Qaeda who were from Lompoc. But I think other people might have wanted credit for having the flight schools watched while still implicating me in what was to be called 9-11.  Maybe those in Saudi Arabia's government sympathetic to Al Qaeda went and removed from my FBI and CIA files my unintentional ties to other terrorism acts so I wouldn't be listened to about flight schools.  Or interfered some other way. Maybe what happened at FAFB was just an elaborate ruse to find out about the flight schools. I hope, somehow, that people who read this webpage with an open mind, know I am telling things with honesty and integrity.

But concerning the Jewish girl whose parents destroyed me. The Jews either bribe, steal, destroy, or manipulate. Remember the Rosenburgs were Jewish. They sold to the Soviets very sensitive military secrets giving them the ability to make nuclear weapons. But it is very obvious after what I have experienced, that the US government is very oblvious to what they do. They do things all the time they shouldn't do and they rationalize it, especially because they want to be important and by doing so can promise to make other people important. This is to help other Jews and Israel. (The Chosen Race?). I am quite sure I am not their first victim. They will make a person's life hell for the rest of their life if you interfere with what they do. The US, because of how stupid American agents are about dishonesty by other agents, and because of agents who work for Israel, doesn't seem to fully understand the extent of their activities. They scream anti-Sematism when people complain or want to get even. From my own personal experience and analysis of politics it amazes me how much the Jews are always interfering and causing problems. Then sometimes they have to do something radical to take care of anybody finding out or because of something they caused. This interferes with the United States having a healthy and productive government. When I am being critical of the Jews, I am only referencing those Jews that are very politicized and are very manipulative, and have a tendency to get obsessed about certain things or people. Those type of Jews will always help each other out, no questions asked, and will never say anything because it would make Jews look bad. The Jews are why the FBI is so bad and why there is so many problems now with Congress.The out of control Republicans unequivocally support Israel. The other type of Jews I like. The ones who are just innocent and not really interested in politics or being important and whose cultural identity and clanship is something that seems wonderful.

The people with the drugs and the devices tried to get me into trouble for the takeover of North Korea's Spain Embassy. I was drugged and taken to the room with the tables again and talked about how North Korea could develop weapons. They ended up being contacted and their two top agents came to talk to me. I told them I was going to be framed for something that was going to happen at one of their embassies or consulates.  I talked about it because of how drugged and out of control people would get me. But I wasn't certain if I had just thought of it and not said anything. I said it is like really childish people have brainwashing drugs and somehow got people they know into the government. I told them that people like to drug me and then frame me for what I say drugged. I always think I am outsmarting someone dishonest by thinking I am preventing something but then I get framed for it.  I told North Korea to have the people that contacted them spied on. I said for their cover they could say they had been at a party in Santa Maria where these people from Lompoc had been at and were discussing someone named Mary Frost and people that they knew who had gotten people into the FBI and CIA to help destroy her. They said they came to Spokane and followed me and wanted in on the action.  I wonder if North Korea made a complaint and the United States got told. But maybe they didn't because the people responsible were destroying me for countries like Russia, Israel, and China. Or because of who they planned to blackmail. I still get drugged by cruel people and taken to that room. It seems to me it would have had to have been Israel and the Jews who pulled something like that off. That could mean the FBI Director could be a problem for me since Trump chose him and he was totally controlled by the Jews and Israel. They also might have wanted him to choose Gina Haspell to be the CIA Director. In Spokane when I was walking home from Rite Aid, a number of Koreans acted excited around me after what happened at that embassy. Probably to help implicate me. If it had been proven that I was responsible, it would have completely destroyed my life. After it happened, North Korea's agent was very angry with me and then I became unconcious. But then I remember her looking over at the next table and angrily saying "You did that! You drugged her." If China has ever blackmailed agents who were dishonest for these people or used them to get agents in place that would explain why the CIA again in 2017 lost every asset it had all over the world. But maybe it had something to do with Trump's presidency.  James Clapper, unless Lompoc found someone who looked like him, came to Spokane to talk to me twice, and if it was him, he ended up acting really shaken up. Like he had been caught. But maybe he was shaken up because he was someone impersonating the Director of National Intelligence. Before in 2010, the Chinese were given intelligence of a firewall the CIA was using to communicate with their sources. So, the CIA lost all their assets that year too. Those stupid assets. I don't know what makes them stupid enough to spy for us. Especially since we have so much freedom. So much so, that even Americans with high level security clearances can't be eavesdropped on without an FBI agent giving a judge the proof they need to be. But in most cases, they need to eavesdrop to get the proof. This makes it very difficult for espionage in this country to be detected.  In 2021 the CIA lost all of their assets again.  Here now, in 2023, the FBI recently arrested a number of people who had been spying for the Chinese government. But it didn't take long for China to turn around and make arrests of those in China who were responsbile for identifying them to the US. I just marvel at our assets for being stupid enough to spy for us. But maybe they want the money or they think it is for a noble purpose. I thought what I did was for a noble purpose. How naive I was. It took a long time to realize the truth.

Those brainwashing drugs are used on me all the time. Anytime I have anything to do with agents or just when someone wants to be cruel and manipulate me or when I am going to be told something important. It seems like someone who is childish and reckless has them who shouldn't because they know I say something sensitive and dangerous when they are used on me and don't care who is around to hear it. I am certain beyond a doubt it has never been the Russians. These people seem to do their jobs if Russia is involved but they are dishonest for some other reason like maybe for the Jews or Lompoc. This very childish woman loves to show off being an agent and proving she is superior to me. Agents like her think I am jealous of them and they love to prove things about me. The people who brainwash me she knows and it would be done all the time when she would find an excuse to talk to me. She would study me to know when to talk to me during the brainwashing process for me to remember later.  She loves being one of my personality police. I would always just sit there drugged in her office. Everytime she would have me there, this Jewish boy would come in. With a childish smile and mannerisms, she then would download information from her computer and give it to him. I am always angrily calling her a goddamn bitch and then she calls in this Jewish woman psychiatrist who injects me with a drug that is used on violent people although I don't attempt to attack her. Maybe that drug is why I now never have any initiative to want to do anything at all. I was in her office some time later again and this time the Jewish boy walked in talking to her and didn't notice another FBI agent sitting there who overheard what he said. She looked really scared at what she knew the agent sitting there had heard. I was too drugged to know what was said. But she still handles my case. I am sure when she didn't get fired by the Spokane FBI supervisor, the FBI Director would have been told. The Jews might control a lot of the FBI because they controlled Trump and might have had him choose Christopher Wrey because they knew he would be useful to them. Maybe they offered him some kind of bribe to help them disguised as a financial investment in a certain company. He was the Director when North Korea's Spain Embassy got taken over but it seemed like nothing got done at all about the dishonesty that was going on concerning my case. You think he would have had the Spokane FBI office investigated especially because a lot of the agents who work my case seem to be dishonest or are deliberately not doing their jobs.  I should have been interviewed by an agent from headquarters. But I didn't. However, there is the possibility that North Korea wanted to blackmail the agents who were behind the people who drugged me and caused me to talk about their embassy being taken over. People who worked for the Jews or got into the FBI dishonestly. I still am getting drugged with brainwashing drugs and other drugs by childish people who think drugging me makes them mature adults.  It happens to me very frequently. But I don't know if most of the time when I am being drugged and brainwashed if honest agents know I am. I have no control over being drugged or when it occurs. The FBI is very stupid about it and there is a lot of dishonesty in the FBI that allows it to happen to me. And then I am very reckless with what I say. I don’t know how evident it is that I am drugged. Sometimes the people with the brainwashing drugs will drug me ahead of time if they think I will end up feeling important. I also have to deal with the fact that Spokane FBI is only a resident agency with a supervisor who is in charge not a Field Office of a bigger city where there is a Special Agent in Charge. It has a lot of rookie agents who perceive and think like they still are in high school. But to be truthful, I highly doubt it would help my situation if I lived in a bigger city. 

It really does seem like there are an awful lot of dishonest agents in the FBI and CIA who seem to be dishonest as far as my case is concerned but not for the Russians. It seems like they do their jobs only when the Russians are involved or if my life is in danger. That is because if something happened to me that resulted in injury or death it would indicate agents were dishonest. However, I got raped by an FBI agent some years back. Now this isn't something Russia would have risked doing. But it did happen. Whoever has those brainwashing drugs likes to have me be in a mostly incompacitated state all the time and usually around evil people. They had this really cute, short agent stand really close to me to make it look like I was interested in him. Then later what I remember is him pushing me to the ground and raping me and then him looking up. Much later, I was sitting at a table drugged and that agent walked in saying "Norm just fired me". And the two people sitting at the table said: "It took him long enough." The mind won't remember false visuals that have action. I think someone arranged to get this person into the FBI and had him be short and sexy and assigned to the Spokane office unless it was just a ruse to make me think he was one. I have never known FBI supervisors who are qualifed to be. For over 45 years they have always assigned someone stupid or dishonest to my case.

It is evident, the Criminal Justice degree, is the most easiest degree to get at a university. It probably just takes a good memory. The FBI got really bad anyway because of budget cuts that went on for years and because of contracters doing their hiring. Things got so bad at the FBI and CIA that they stopped hiring and coudn't operate their academies. A lot of high level agents left. My own experience with the FBI and CIA is that they were always bad. A lot of their problems have to do with their cultures. But during the forty years that this has been going on, no agent has ever investigated anything that indicated other people were involved and doing something dishonest. And it really is llke the people doing this did their own recruiting. Agents do nothing about me getting drugged. But maybe you can't tell that I am. Either that, dishonest agents come up with an excuse to do it. A lot of the time it is not done for a legitimate reason. When those drugs are used on me, it always causes me to think and say something sensitive. And the government has never put a stop to it. I can take solace in the fact that several years before the Washington Post wrote an article on how bad the FBI was, Director James Comey was filmed talking to an office of FBI agents and he told them to ignore the criticism. It was already being heavily criticized before the Washington Post article. In their article, the Washington Post said the problems with the FBI "are worse than you think." This was after Robert Mueller had been the FBI Director for 12 years. He might have been working for the Jews allowing them to get away with things and destroy people who had a problem with the US's support of Israel. And to be able to manipulate elections to get pro-Israeli politicians elected to office. This done by ways of legal bribing that actually may not have been that legal. I mean it was evident the Jews were responsible for Trump so what else have they always been responsible for? What was Robert Mueller or others thinking by his investigation into Trump's aides and cabinet when at any time during that sort of legal preceeding, the President could pardon the offenders? Would it of have instead been possible to just let the offenders know that in the future when Trump was no longer in office they could end up being indicted and face jail terms? So they would help expose dishonesty by Trump? Like the unlawful removal of highly sensitive files or the payment he made to keep Stormy Daniels quiet about her affair with him? I mean, could either the Washington Post or New York Times reporters have done an investigation that would not be considered something official? But maybe the investigation wouldn't be able to go far enough.  Maybe those offenders knew about dishonesty by Trump that has never been exposed. But without a legal agreement in place for lighter sentences, I highly doubt the aides would have cooperated. 

But this all started over 40 years ago and I don't think there is a way for anyone to find out the truth. Especially because of what government investigators are like and how they have no respect for me or what I say. I have never met an intelligent FBI or CIA agent but some of their stupidity is because of their attitudes. Or because they are dishonest. Their minds are completely made up about the case  They think that all that happens is that once in a while my reputation gets ruined and once in a while the Russians try something. The rest of the time agents just like to prove things about me. Thinking back to when this all started, at least as to when George Bush Sr. was the CIA Director,  I can't believe he wouldn't have been told I needed a new identity. But I have never been given one because of how much corruption there has always been in the FBI and CIA. I made a lot of evil and stupid people very important and considered to be geniuses. And then a lot of evil and dishonest and important people proved a lot of evil things about me. Even a lot of people in Lompoc did. Nobody should ever want to cooperate with either agency because of just how dishonest and stupid both are.  Agents in the CIA and FBI are more than likely to believe people that make them important and who they consider important than believe a normal American citizen. They also can resent a normal American citizen to be considered more important than they are. 

What I would like to accomplish is for people to understand the risks of offering information to either the FBI or CIA and decide not to do it. In a lot of way, America can't use freedom and democracy as a reason why it started a civil war in Iraq. I ended up losing my freedom and privacy for life and a lot of agents who investigate me are either immature or dishonest. Losing your freedom and privacy makes you feel really nervous all the time even though you aren't doing anything wrong. And I feel constantly nervous too because of how stupid the FBI and CIA are about dishonest agents. A lot of the time, there is no difference between Russia's government and ours, except that our courts are honest which limits some of their activities. The government, when doing something unconstitional, makes sure there is no way to ever prove it. There is so much dishonesty, they might not give you a new identity. The honest agents are very stupid and naive about the dishonest ones and agents consider it unprofessional to say anything about a colleague's questionable behavior.  Agents automatically assume other agents are never dishonest and have a tendency to close their minds to that possibility. They think the government would know. The FBI and CIA focus only on dishonesty that involves Russia or China even though they are usually really stupid about agents who are.  They never focus on agents who are dishonest because of Israel, the Jews, or for any other reason. The FBI and CIA doesn't care at all about the person giving them information. No matter how important the information is.  They just use you to further their careers and when they are done using you they forget about you. They only respect people who they consider important and can make them important.  A lot of agents are not very nice people at all. Most of them just love to be assholes. A lot of agents have personalities that border on being sociopaths. They have a tendency to having personalities that tend towards being dangerous. An awful lot of agents used the information I always had to further their careers but proved a lot of evil things about me and made sure I wouldn't be given a new identity. I have never met an agent who was very intelligent. They just have good memories and assertive personalities and know how to dress sharply so they appear to be.  The Jews make sure they aren't so they can control our elections, enrich other Jews, and gain access to technology and secrets to aid Israel. People who are considering giving information to the FBI or CIA should not do it. Because there is so much dishonesty in the FBI and CIA you might not be given a new identity and could end up looking like you are the dishonest one. Agents love to get you filled with so much hate you act out which they then use to prove the case they have made about you. You can be destroyed and your life made hell in ways you never dreamed of by dishonest agents. Honest people who find out the truth about what is really going on with my case are probably destroyed or arrested. I don't think the world stands a chance. I'm sure honest people would never believe what these people are doing. I don't really think there is any hope for mankind. Or for me or the Catholic Church. But my God, I have better eat something. 

People with the brainwashing drugs have honest to God used mind control devices and drugs on me. They can make you say things and do things by telling you to and you aren't even under your own control. Maybe the Jews had them invented but maybe someone else stole them or ended up with them. Or the Jews did. In 1977, at home, I came out of this deep trance and then said rapid fire: "My dad is rich.'  I wasn't under my own control at all. Then people in Lompoc hated me even more because they thought I was trying to make it look like my dad was rich. Honest to God that happened. 

FBI and CIA agents were the popular people in high school. That is how they still perceive the world. Dealing with them is like dealing with a high school clique. They have no imagination to be able to solve cases they haven't been trained to solve. I can never get over just how stupid they actually are. They are some of the most stupidest people I have ever come across. But some of that is due to their overconfidence and a condescending attitude towards people they investigate.  They make up their minds quickly because of their overconfidence and don't change them. Then, they only accept information that agrees with what they have already made up their minds about.  They reject a lot of important information because of their attitudes and egos. The Russians check out anything they are told. They never make up their minds instantly about anything. The honest American agents are very naive about certain types of people that they consider professional. I mean they deal with certain criminal types but they do not really know what most people are actually like. They grew up without facing adversity and adversity makes people more intelligent about other people. It also makes you more mature.  For the most part, they have always thought I was the only dishonest person involved in the case. They have never had any respect for me at all. They are very patronizing and narrow-minded and egotistical. FBI agents only know how to solve cases they have been trained to solve. It is usually someone else who goes to them with evidence of a crime. Then it doesn't take too much intelligence to get the proof by getting a warrant. The only time CIA agents are good at intelligence is when they get intelligence from an agent of an unfriendly country that is stupid enough to work for the United States. Otherwise, they have an inflated, almost childish approach to the mechanisms of US intelligence because of the sophistication of its satellites and weapons and wealth.  The government doesn't even choose the right personalities to be agents most of the time. The Jews probably make sure that the personalities the FBI and CIA think make good agents, actually don't.  Maybe the Jews know things about personality types the FBI and CIA don't and make sure the government hires those types.  

The personalities of FBI and CIA agents usually fall into three categories: Cementheads, patronizing assholes, and hotshots. The cementheads come across as very disciplined, methodical thinkers, but sometimes they don't assimilate everything that is being said and reach the right conculsion all the angles of a case should be giving them. The patronizing assholes come across to their supervisors as aggressive problem solvers but they are too much of an asshole to really understand the truth about a situation. And the hotshots? Well, they make up their minds quickly because of their egos and miss out on a lot of facts about a case. But most agents who are government agents in the United States have specific personalities that fall into those three categories. They are the personalities the Jews want our government agents to have because they end up not being very intelligent agents and then the Jews can get away with things like controlling elections, dishonest business practices, and stealing secrets for themselves or Israel. And can destroy anybody who gets in their way.  In all honesty, it sometimes seems like a lot of the personalities of FBI and CIA agents border on being sociopathic. 

It seems like the assholes, who are very aggressive, all help each other out to move up in the ranks and use honest agents and their work to do it. Then those agents under them can never risk overriding them even when they have serious doubts about their decisions. This might be why the FBI and CIA have done questionable things in the past. I wonder if other governments and the Jews go and get rid of really mature and brilliant agents who could really change things by using disinformation from their governments and because of their own agents who work for the FBI and CIA.

I don't remember anything and I still find it hard to believe it actually happened that I ended up somewhere fairly recently where drugs and maybe even Satanism was going on. I only remember talking to these two really adorable looking guys. Both were adorable and were drug dealers and whoever arranged for me to end up there had them be very small. I am very short. One thing I remember is that one of them offered me a drug and I took it because of how drugged I already was. I also was very tired.  But later, I remember sitting across from one of the drug dealers at a table. We might have even been in FBI custody but I wouldn't know. All I remember is that I told him what trap to use to get his own supply of brainwashing drugs from the people who arranged for me to be there.  I said they could ask to talk to the girl whose parents destroyed me and say they wanted to see them demonstrated on me. They were to say they wanted to know everything because they knew dishonest people in the DEA and could really destroy me. Then they could blackmail them into giving them the drugs. I remember them actually getting them but I think someone flashed his badge. This didn't get me anywhere. I still get brainwashed by evil people who shouldn't have the drugs. I was hoping honest agents would find out that dishonest and cruel people for no reason were always using the drugs on me. In 1977, I think the same thing happened where I ended up at a party where Satanism and drugs were involved and what I remembered decades later was this really nice mother of a student who went to my high school visiting me but someone got to me first like they always do and had me brainwashed. But I remember her saying that she didn't think I knew where I was or what I was doing and she was going to the FBI.

FBI agents who are honest tell people to be nice but then I am taken to the room with the tables and drugged and cause what happened at North Korea's consulate. Maybe the US wasn't told by North Korea who caused the incident. That Jewish girl whose parents destroyed me and other Jews and people from Lompoc are always sitting around at the tables when this happens. Those brainwashing drugs are used a lot on me by people just to be cruel. The Jews sit there and say they just want to prove they are superior to me. So I say to them: "You aren't superior, you don't love. One woman, who shows up now and then when I am taken to that room, has these really big brown eyes, and she always wears a dress to prove she is important (an important agent?).  She once said something interesting though to someone. She said that "We got Dr. Bot to lie." He assessed me to see if I would qualify for Social Security disability. It was less than a year before 9-11. He assessed me again several years later and asked me if I was on birth control. I said 'No." And, honest to God, he goes with a really childish voice: "Oh, good. Oh, good."  He was just being the childish Jewish boy Jews always are.  Honest to God, he said that.  I am sure the Jews tailor make psychological and psychiatric diagnosises that are put in the medical coding books that are done on people by the FBI and CIA. This is in order to be able to destroy anybody they want and get away with things. You know, the Jews constantly make themselves out to be innocent victims of anti-semitism but they are in fact usually the antagonists. I just can't believe how they manipulate and destroy and control and what they get away with because of other Jews and who they bribe. I think one way they get people to help them is with the promise of helping them to advance in their career with intelligence their spy service gets. They have a tendency to be very evil people. 

And no, I don't want people to think I am intentionally anti-Semetic. I used to work for a Jewish boss that had been a survivor of a German concentration camp at the private dormitory where I lived during my stint at California State University Northridge. I was his mealcard checker. I checked off the mealcard numbers of poeple who would come in and eat. But the cafeteria did not have the proper architecture to be able to prevent people from walking in and sitting with their friends who would then go up for seconds and get them a plate of food. It also was very easy if the mealcard checker did not take responsibility for their job to steal dishware. But I was very honest. The chef, who was my immediate supervisor, told me I was the first checker to ever do a good job. I started bringing in a lot of money for him off of meal sales and he started saving a lot of money because I prevented people from stealing dishware. I was very unpopular for that and really got harassed but I am a very honest person. Since most, if not all, of the government agents who worked my case were dishonest, I do not know if this got recorded into my FBI file. I liked my boss a great deal. And he was very appreciative of how honest I was. 

A lot of FBI and CIA agents are like kids in a candy shop when it comes to intelligence. They love the game. They love to be important. They are naturally assholes and love for a reason to be one. Russia's and China's agents never have that attitude. People know how to act mature when in fact they aren't. Like a lot of American agents.  

I just watched a YouTube video about FSB defectors. They shouldn’t be that stupid. Look at how I was treated and what has been done to me and yet I gave valuable information to the US Government. I'm sure dishonest agents in the FBI or CIA will easily tell Europe that a lot of those defecting are coming over for the purpose of spreading disinformation and to become agents in place. Evidently Europe is rejecting them because of this suspicion. But they do it because they just can’t live with the situation anymore in Russia so they are stupid enough to try to defect.  

When I was going to California State University Northridge in 1982 I walked out of a classroom in one of the buildings and this device said right into my brain: "Walk." So I started walking like a robot. And then it turned off my brain somehow. I continued walking for about 300 yards directly into a men's bathroom and ended up right in front of a urinal as a man was using it. Then the device was turned off and I regained control of my mind and hurridly left the bathroom. They also seem to have drugs that when you are on them, they tell you what to do and you do it. You aren't totally conscious. Similar drugs are used to make you walk but periodically you get out of the trance and know you are walking and then they get you back into the trance so you continue walking. That is how I would end up places and not know how I got there.  This is the truth. So could these people have the capability to make someone appear to be a child molester?

Also, this Jewish boy, who likes to feel important was doing all this bragging and trying to prove he was an expert and important. He said the Jews own Charlie Hebdo. That was the satarical magazine that insulted the Prophet Mohommed which resulted in worldwide protests and riots. It also insults the Catholics and everybody else but never the Jews. But the owners of that magazine had to have known how the Muslims would react but the Jews will be covertly responsible for something destructive if they think it will further their objectives and make people like the Muslims look bad.  So, knowing what the Jews and Israel are like, isn't it kind of obvious that those Muslim countries that established ties with Israel did it because of aome kind of manipulation or pressure from the United States? Also, that same Jewish boy, likes to just sit and watch me, while I sit there drugged with brainwashing drugs. AND: He and this other Jewish boy were leaving the table where I sat there drugged on brainwashing drugs, and he was saying to the other Jewish boy: "I can't believe what we caused!!!" And the other Jewish boy goes: "I know." Honest to God, that conversation took place. 

I wish Congress could obtain my FBI and CIA files and the files Russia, Israel, China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia have on me and do something serious about the FBI and CIA. Especially the FBI. It needs to be reorganized and both organizations need to do things a lot differently in order to detect dishonesty and ensure information gets to the right place. Maybe the dishonesty my files from other governments would indicate would give the government more power to wiretap anyone with a high level security clearance. 

They held a contest to write an essay about what freedom means to you at a place where I worked at and all the people judging the entries had the highest compliments for mine.  But then the FBI proved I had stolen it from a magazine which I didn't. People need to avoid at all costs having anything to do with the government.  A lot of them are very dishonest. The nicer agents are really naive about the dishonest ones. 

Also, is this delusional? Is this idea half baked? But could Donald Trump's sons be told they will be injected with sulfur if their father runs for the presidency again? Or could their kids be threatened? Or could a close friend or business associate who would know damaging secrets about him be threatened with it if they don't stop him? I am just being facetious. But with all those lawsuits he seems to be facing even though the criminal ones don't seem to be getting anywhere..... I have no friends to use as a sounding board to know if this idea is ludicrous. But Palestine or Iran could possibly get a hold of it but I don't know how easy it would be to get away with injecting any of his family members. And stay anonymous. They won't always have Secret Service protection. If those two countries can't get a hold of it maybe if the situation was explained to Germany. But maybe it is one of the most stupidest ideas anyone has ever had. 

As discussed earlier, I got raped by a person who supposedly was an FBI agent but that isn't the only time I have been drugged with brainwashing drugs and raped. I had decided to take a few classes at EWU in Cheney, Washington. I know what happened to me, happened to me while I was going there, because I noticed while I was in class, that I had all these needle marks in my arm. What happened is that I got drugged and I was ordered to walk and so I walked. Then you are in a trance while you walk but sometimes you get out of the trance but the agent responsible for it will just get you back into it. I ended up talking to someone who was very sick. He had very wavy and curly long light brown hair. Other evil people I have ended up dealing with periodically had hair like his too.  He said that you and I are going to have a little talk. He raped me over and over again. And he very disparagingly made it look like I had wanted sex and that he had to do it because the job paid well. Then supposedly a Russian agent showed up that the person who raped me wanted to ask something but he seemed to just be someone elderly.  The person who raped me had me lying on a bed nude and the person who supposedly was a Russian agent just stroked my arm. Then I ended up dressed and that person goes:"Take your clothes off". "Why?" "Because I want sex with you." I took them off again automatically without really being under my own control. That is the truth. Then he had sex with me. Then a couple of years later I was at the rooms with tables that I am taken to and he was sitting there looking miserable. A really sharp Russian agent was saying: "We aren't allowed to do that." And then, someone who supposedly was that Russian agent's boss, told me he was going to fire him. But I told him that wouldn't be fair because he couldn't control himself because he had seen me nude and knew I was drugged. I said he tried to be nice about it. So the person who supposedly was his supervisor told him he wasn't going to fire him. But maybe that exchange was something someone fabricated for their own amusement. Maybe to somehow prove I am sick. Something else that happened at EWU was that I ended up sitting in an empty classroom and one of the students from one of the classes I took was sitting in front of me and asked me if I was okay. I talked to him for a little while but I didn't remember these two incidences until a few years later. People from Lompoc raped me on numerous occassion too. Because of the brainwashing drugs, drugs would be used on me that wouldn't allow me to think very well. And so I got into situations where I got raped.  

Usually, American agents never treat me very nicely, but (only) twice nice agents arranged something special to be done for me.  It was done by the same agent. The first time was in 1986 at the World's Fair in Vancouver, Canada. My sister's boyfriend had gotten transferred up there by the company they both worked at, and I asked her if I could go up with her the next time she went for a visit so I could see the fair. Since I knew the FBI would have me watched since the Russians were hosting a pavillion there, I wrote down in my journal that I wanted the FBI to have the local oldies radio station in Vancouver play the Four Seasons song "Rag Doll". I had a lovely time, but for some reason, which I still can't understand, I decided not to visit Russia's pavillion. I did visit Cuba's pavillion and the Cuban reprsentative was as rude as hell to me and she definetly knew who I was. The last day I visited the fair, that night the local radio station played the song. Outside my sister's boyfriend apartment, probably about 6 or 7 agents burst out in laughter once the song finished. The second time agents did something special for me is when I knew we would be going to Bremerton, Washington to visit the naval ship the USS Nimitz that my brother had served on. I had asked for a Philipino Officer Of the Deck and for the person who gave us the tour to look like the Pillsbury doughboy. I said I wanted to be shown the computer that talked to the satelite that drove the ship. When we boarded the shp, the captain, and the Phillipino Officer of the Deck were smiling broadly, and the person who gave us the tour of the ship did look exactly like the Pillsbury doughboy in his white uniform! He did point out the computer that talked to the satelite that drove the ship but I realized it was just a regular computer. However, I didn't say anything.  But that is the only time that any of this gave me happy memories. Other than those two incidences I have always dealt with assholes and the whole affair has always been nothing but a nightmare.

When I lived in Lompoc, before I moved back up to Spokane, and before I was allowed to start remembering things in 1985, I would always pass through the city of San Fransisco on my way to and from Spokane where I would visit on holidays. In January of 1977, I was headed back to Lompoc from Spokane and had a layover in the San Fransisco Greyhound station. On the way to Spokane, the bus had stopped in San Fransisco as well, and I had bought a cup of tea. Then I wandered around the streets close to the station. But on the way home, I bought another cup of tea, and then sat down to wait for the bus going to Lompoc. But I couldn't keep awake no matter how hard I tried and I ended up falling asleep for a really long time. When I woke up, I barely had time to get my bearings when this young guy with a baseball cap and jeans who was sitting directly across from my seat said really quickly: "Aren't you supposed to be somewhere right now?" He didn't look at all like he belonged in jeans and a baseball cap. He had a magazine on his lap. I wonder if my tea had gotten doped and the Russians had been hoping I would end up wandering around outside the station again like I had on my way there. I hadn't eaten in over 24 hours so if my tea was doped, it might have hit me faster than the Russians would have wanted. I didn't remember being involved with the Russians until 1985 but every holiday when I would visit Spokane and take Greyhound or fly, the driver or the pilot would always stand in the aisle and study me before he would get ready to leave San Fransisco. The Russians, before things got bad between them and the United States, had a consulate in San Fransisco. But ever since some time after 1990, the FBI got really bad. It's like someone figured out how to get really bad agents into it. 

I can’t get this Iranian woman off of my mind who was seduced by a member of Hezbollah and caused probably the death and torture of numerous CIA assets. Sexual desire combined with knowing government secrets is a very powerful drug. It can possess you. It can be an aphrodesiac. Oh, all the things spies do to get information or to neutralize someone or to flip them. It’s all about manipulating personalities. But that Iranian woman said she was like 61 and wanted a fling before she got too old. Yeah, and that Iranian woman knew what her lover wanted and had to have known that is why he had a romantic interest in her but knowing government secrets is a powerful drug and seducer.  I am also positive that she started viewing things from her lover's point of view and felt the CIA assets that she betrayed were in the wrong. 

Well, evidently some Republcians don't want to continue to fund Ukraine's war against Russian aggression. So isn't that like giving China a green light to invade Taiwan? Yeah, but with all the money we have been spending for the Ukrainians where do we think we could get the money to help Taiwan defend itself? Would China risk the international fallout from invading them? It makes me feel very nervous all the money we are spending to help Ukraine defend itself but what other option do we have? Putin and Russia would not stop with Ukraine. 

You know, I kind of have been made bad. This makes me understand the situation of the African Americans a little better. They are made bad too. And law enforcement always like to be assholes and are quick to judge. 
But it is very upsetting dealiing with the FBI and CIA. Their minds are completely made up about the circumstances surrounding my case. And the honest agents are very stupid and naive and patronizing towards me about agents who I say are dishonest.  Their minds are completely made up about the case. There seems to be an awful lot of dishonesty in the FBI and CIA if it is agents I actually am dealing with but since I am always being drugged they might not be. I am always too drugged to check identifications. There's an incredible amount of stupidity. I got brainwashed again fairly recently, which people like to do to me just to be cruel, and I ended up having sex because of how drugged I was. The sex was with a person that had been asked to talk to me by the person who brainwashed me if the memory is true we actually did.  I really wonder, though, about the person who ended up having sex with me. He didn't really seem immature enough to do that. Was he blackmailed and made to do it and then told I was the person who blackmailed him? If so, he should get some sulfur to get answers from the person who accused me of that.  Like go to another government like Iran's for them to investigate. I feel pretty certain it was the Jews who did this just to be cruel and make me look sick. And it was probably the same people who caused me to cause what happened at North Korea's Embassy in Spain. There has always been this asshole with white curly hair who deliberately ignores incidences that indicate other people are dishonest that might have something to do with the Jews or with Lompoc. I am certain in many ways I made his whole career.  There are a lot of incidences he and other agents deliberately never look into. It seems he deliberately ignores an awful lot of things about the case if it is something that makes me look bad or involves the Jews or maybe Lompoc but does his job if the Russians or Chinese or terrorism is involved. He never does anything about me getting brainwashed even when it is evident it isn't for an honest reason.  If it is the Russian Desk he works on, the Russians might easily be able to blackmail him since it is very evident he is dishonest for some other reason than the Russians. Maybe someone just wants me to think he is an agent. But if he is an agent, his behavior some time ago, indicated he was shaken up about something. If it wasn't something he and the people who were responsible for him caused because of their stupidity and what they are doing, then his behavior indicated it is because he had gotten blackmailed. Yeah, but it would feel so very satisfying that the curly white haired childish asshole got blackmailed but I remember him using drugs on me and then looking so guilt ridden because of it. That is what I remember. So they probably did something to my mind or my emotions. Maybe he could have helped ISIS in some way carry out that attack in Russia. By identifying Russian agents who worked for the CIA even though they usually aren't that stupid. But the attack didn't seem like it would have taken too much planning. 
You know, there were rumors after Israel suffered that attack by HAMAS, that HAMAS had inside help. I think if that was the case, the attack would have been much worse. But I have always wondered why Israel's intelligence service didn't know a lot more about my case and what was actually going on with it. I can't believe they wouldn't have known about a lot of dishonest people who were engaging in behavior that was very dangerous. I think they would have known a lot from what they would have found out from investigating me when I knew about Jonathon Pollard or Jews who knew some of the Jews that were involved in my case. Did the Jews in the United States do some kind of manipulation of Israel's intelligence service so they wouldn't? But I think if HAMAS had found that out and blackmailed anybody, the attack would have been much worse.
Once, outside, there were these  goddamn patronizing FBI agents,  who mostly looked Jewish, standing around in a semi-circle facing me, with the person who evidently is the Spokane FBI supervisor giving me a disgusted look. Either that I was supposed to think they were agents. It is because I had written down in my journal that I had compromised that firewall that the CIA had used to communicate with their assets. Like it was my fault!! For one thing, I had known about that firewall for a long time, maybe because I am the one who came up with the idea but someone else took the credit which is what usually happens. But the Spokane FBI is so stupid about dishonesty in regards to my case, they let me be taken to the room with the tables. I was sitting there drugged and I was thinking about the way the firewall worked and there were these two men who were watching me that noticed the dangerous look I get on my face when I am thinking  of something sensitive.  Because I have been beaten up so badly both mentally and physically and because I was very drugged, they got it out of me immediately when they wanted to know what I was thinking. When I remembered the incident later and had written about it in my journal, that is when those goddamn agents stood around being patronizing about it like it was my fault. China would have paid me a lot of money for that information but they only had to pay the two agents who made me tell them. Agents just love to prove bad things about me. I hate this goddamn country. If it got attacked, I would probably start crying tears of happiness because of what has been allowed to be done to me. And it never had anything to do with Russia.
But I really think there are drugs that can be used with brainwashing drugs that make someone evil. And I know this sounds like delusions of grandeur, and I am not certain because I am always getting brainwashed, but I think I had innocently discussed the next pandemic about 5 years at least before it happened. And I had said it would start in China because of those strange, outdoor food markets that they have. Brainwashing drugs make you more intelligent and able to think more creatively and analytically but you are also drugged out of your mind. I mean Bill Gates had talked about a pandemic for years.  They say it happens when a virus jumps from the animal kingdom to humans.  Some of the people involved in this other people who are involved are stupid about.  But when I have had a little too much coffee, I can make everything a conspiracy and sometimes get a little off.  But I really think there are drugs to make someone evil and there are also mind control drugs and devices which have been used on me which the government will always say is schitzephrenia.  I wonder if they could be used to frame somoeone as a child molester. Also, I wonder, since some of the people involved in this are a third party, could they blackmail someone into commiting actual espionage after telling them they could get them accused of it when they are in their own country and could be arrested?  So could a Chinese scientist at a lab in Wuhan be made to make the virus? Or be made evil with drugs to cause him to make it? But I am sure it was a lab accident if that is where the virus came from. 

Brainwashing Drugs That Suppress or Destroy Memories

Argument God Exists 




Attributed to a professer at Edinburgh Scotland University in the 1800’s: Democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It will eventually collapse because of loose fiscal policy. The length of most democracies is about 230 years. A democracy is born because of bondage. From bondage there is spiritual truths. From spiritual truths there is great courage. From great courage there is liberty. From liberty there is abundance. From abundance there is selfishness. From selfishness there is complacency. From complancency there is apathy. From apathy there is dependence. From dependence there is bondage. 

Mussolini: The masses have little time to think. And how incredible is the willingmess of modern man to believe. 

The thing from which the world suffers just now more than any other evil is the not the assertion of falsehoods but the endless and repressable repitition of half-truths. 

The press, important as its office, is but the servant of human intelliect and its ministry is for good or evil, according to the character of those who direct it. The press is a mill that grinds all that is put into its hopper. Fill the hopper with poisoned grain and it will grind it to meal, but there is death in the bread. 

Man is by nature a political animal. 

Whoever controls the language, the images, controls the nationality.

Spying and politics is the Devil’s playground. Satan really enjoys himself and gets a lot accomplished. People have a lot of fun playing in his playground. For some, intirigue is a very powerful drug. I admit, periodically, I need my fix. But sometimes what I am involved in gets really wearisome. However, I don't instigate situations that I get into and always end up having to pay a very steep price.  Politics is usually for deception and profit and manipulation. Also, sex and intrigue come from the same part of the soul. They are close cousins to each other. 

We choose and are chosen. How often the two don't match. 

I told a Russian agent in 1977 that the KGB needed to do something about the dinasaurs that run his country. That they might start nuclear war or shoot down a KAL. I really did!!!

I remember in 1977, after I got completely brainwashed and had no idea anything unusual had happened in my life, that I overheard in the school cafeteria these students saying "The CIA brainwashed her." I didn't know they were talking about me. Also, in 1978 I had brought up the CIA in a political conversation with my dad without any knowledge I had anything to do with them or the Russians or the FBI and I can't believe how angry he got about them. 

We should rename the street in front of the Russian Embassy Navalny Avenue.

I am sorry people in our country are so small minded they are prejudice against African Americans and Asians. The African Americans in my opinion have a realness about them other people don't have that is in a lot of ways very refreshing. They have always had a lot of obstacles to making it in life. And as far as the Asians, I have always thought they always had it all together a lot better than other people and were just nice people. They have nothing to do with China. 

 "We live in a totally corrupted world where every government is just a bunch of business men working for a bigger bunch of business men and none of them give a shit about the people. The sad fact is that no one knows how to change it, because no one knows how to take on corporations."

Governments don't want an intelligent population because people who can think critically can't be ruled. They want a public smart enough to pay taxes but dumb enough to keep voting. 

Because of the personalities that are chosen to be agents even the agents who aren’t assholes aren’t really very nice people. Their personalities are sterile and it isn’t just for the job. It is how they think as people. I want to add how drug dealers usually treat people who haven’t double crossed them much better than US government agents do. 

If I had to choose between a normal life where I had privacy or a life of intoxicating intrigue, I would choose privacy.  What I have been involved has caused me to have a very interesting life but to be truthful, because of brainwashing drugs, and other drugs that affect the mind that spies use, and because of what spies do to you, it all could be considered to be the rape of the mind.  I hate being brainwashed and the problems it causes makes me live in a private hell I can't talk to anybody about. 

In my opinion, the Washington Post needs to write another article criticizing the FBI. A few years back they did and said "It is worse than you think." Now it is like the FBI has become completely incompacitated except for those cases where people go to them with evidence of a crime and then they get a warrant and get the proof. However, they have been looking a little more legitimate because of the arrests of the people who stormed the Capitol on January 6th. But that is because they simply know how to run the software that will match faces.  They are unbelievably stupid not just because they are not very intelligent but also because of their attitudes. But they have good memories and assertive personalities so they come off as capable.  My honest opinion is that they are only good at being assholes and they love for a reason to be one. It's why they became agents. They are pretty well worthless. 

With all of his legal troubles and costs, Trump, if he is re-elected, could be compromised. Also, his legal issues do seem to indicate dishonesty which also could mean national security could end up compromised. Furthermore, concerning Biden's age, Jimmy Carter, when he was 90, wrote a very lengthy, intelligent, and insightful article concerning current world affairs.  

First day of spy school: If you want to destroy, manipulate, or flip someone, the first step is to try to make them lose their discipline. I wonder if that was done to Christopher Boyce and Hunter Biden. Boyce because he came from an important Catholic family. Second day of spy school: Make them angry at their government, especially because of how your agents will treat them and what they will accuse them of. Agents refuse to believe their colleagues are dishonest, so this is very effective.

But I wish I could have email but the government always blocks it. But I would like it to be explained to me why Biden still supports Israel. All that tough talk was just for show. Then he capitulated and gave them everything they wanted on their shopping list for their war. But I don't understand the mechanisms of politics enough to understand why he did because under any circumstance they would support Trump. Do they know something dishonest about his son that they could be holding over his head? Maybe they could make it look like they were protecting him? That sounds out of this world. And I am not sure a President wouldn't sacrifice his son for integrity. And such behavior on the part of the Jews could end up causing a serious backlash. Someone who is an addict could end up doing all kinds of stupid things. Not just possible tax evasion. And someone who is an addict could end up being set up into doing something illegal. Russia’s intelligence service certainly isn't as good as it used to be. They didn't do their jobs. But maybe it really wasn’t ever that good. You’d think they’d have found a way to compromise Biden’s son. But now he is in control of his addiction. Oh, but maybe quite a few people tried to compromise Hunter, yet maybe all he really is guilty of is tax evasion and weapons charges. That would say a lot about him. That maybe he shouldn't be judged too harshly. 

But won't those arm sales to Israel help exaberate the dire humanitarian situation that is occuring in Gaza? We are letting innocent Palestians get killed who aren't responsible for the attack that happened in Israel. 

I have no knowledge or experience to be able to better understand the Middle East or our relationship with Iran. Politics is simply my hobby. However, I do know how much Israel both covertly and overtly influences our behavior in the Middle East. For the most part, they seem to control all of it. But Iran needs to cool it. At least towards anyone that is not directly involved in Israel's aggression towards them. They see Isreal and the Jews for what they are and so Israel feels threatened by them. Israel took over land that was occupied by another race that had not belonged to them for centuries. The Jews also like to manipulate, control, and destroy people. Trump, of course, would take a hard line stance towards Iran that could involve war because of how Israel could control him. Maybe Israel made it look like they did him a favor by covering up some kind of dishonest business dealings and then used that to subtly blackmail him. Or make the promise of some kind of financial incentive. Furthermore, when Trump makes decisions usually regarding anything, he does not think pragmatically. He thinks with his ego. The lawsuits against him also indicate that he is not very intelligent. And Israel and the Jews have a lot of control over certain members of Congress, especially the Republican Party. The politicians who pledge their support to Israel are probably helped to win their elections because of Israel's intelligence service. Their intelligence service probably destroys people critical of Israel all the time. Hardliners in Israel adovate for a US military response to Iran's behavior and nuclear ambitions. Iran feels the need to protect itself and not just from Israel. Without having to worry about being re-elected, Trump will be even more aggressive towards Iran that could very likely mean taking the US to war against them.  I am sure that is what he will do because that is what Israel wants. Israel sees no other solution than that to Iran's nuclear ambitions. And as far as finding a reason to attack Iran, Israel will goad it into retaliatory aggression making it look like it is the antagonist. Like they always do. We were stupid enough to go to war with Iraq. That probably intensified Iran's nuclear ambitions. If Iran doesn't cool it, a military response to Iran's behavior could become popular increasing Trump's chances to take back the White House. I hope Israel doesn't know of a way to throw an election to get Trump re-elected if the cards are right. I mean, I don't know how we ended up with Bush Jr as President but right from the start he had planned on the insane idea of invading Iraq. Remember: Even though Sadaam was sometimes brutal, there were not that many countries that supported the invasion including France and Germany. Maybe if we had negotiaed with Sadaam he would not have been so brutal. I remember him saying in his trial that he had no control. Americans can sometimes have an attitude of superiority and be shoot em up cowboys. They think their powerful and sophisticated weapons can solve any problem.  I can't understand after what we caused in Iraq, why people can't better understand Iran's viewpoint of the United States and Israel.  Israel acted neutral about the war but Jews in Bush's Administration who were strong supporters of Israel advocated for it.  Maybe Israel was hoping Iraq could be used as a springboard to attack Iran. I hope Iran and the United States can find a diplomatic middle ground but I don't see how with our support of Israel's invasion of Gaza. That has gone and antagonized Iran even more. I am quite sure after the US invaded Iraq, Iran felt even more inclined to make nuclear weapons. And for some reason Saudi Arabia's displeasure over Israel's actions isn't very vocal.  Of course, they do want defense agreements with the US and one of the stipulations in getting them is for them to have better relations with Israel. 

Incidentally, it was so beautiful how some Russians went and paid tribute to Navalny after his execution by the Russian government. But in some ways it seems like his protesting and death didn't accomplish anything. It seems like usually anymore the only way an oppressive government can be overthrown is when there is a combination of a weak economy and those in power deciding to accede to it in a well-planned ordered manner. 

Sometimes I wonder about the FBI Director. But in over 45 years I have never met an intelligent American agent. It seems like he is either dishonest or completely incompetent. But maybe my case is carefully kept from him. I would know of a way to possibly find out if he is dishonest. Maybe he is dishonest for the Jews

 A politician divides people into two groups: Fools and enemies. 

I guess ISIS Afhanistan was able to pull of what they pulled off at Crocus City Hall because they went and blackmailed a Russian agent who was working for the CIA. But that is probably preposterous. He'd have gone and made it to the US. I have the tendency to make everything a conspiracy. And it seems like very few Russian Intelligence Agents have ever been stupid enough to work for the US in the first place. 

I just look at it all with a jaded attitude. And a real cynical one. And like rock and roll used to fuel my passion for intrigue but I don’t have a passion anymore for it. I am just a prisoner of it. It is a really ugly business to get involved in and American agents are only good at being assholes and having an attitude.They are unbelievably stupid, especially about dishonesty by other agents. They are also very patronizing.

You know, being involved in what I was involved in, and living in the small town of Lompoc, where you had no privacy, and where I was stalked by people for entertainment, causes you to have a tendency to sometimes read more into a situation than what is there. And being stalked for years can cause you to have really strange and weird behavior. But I wonder if there was a legitimate reason as to why I was never given a new identity. Nobody should ever get involved with the US Government for any reason. They are so corrupt you might not be given a new identity. For over 45 years, not once, did government agents ever investigate incidences that indicated other people were involved, especially incidences that indicated what was going on was not because of the Russian government. 

President Joe Biden on Monday condemned the Supreme Court’s decision which ruled president's have an absolute immunity from prosecution for core official acts, and issued a stern warning over a possible second term for former President Donald Trump.

“There are no kings in America. Each, each of us is equal before the law. No one, no one is above the law, not even the president of the United States,” Biden said in a speech from the White House.

“(With) today’s Supreme Court decision on presidential immunity, that fundamentally changed. For all practical purposes, there are virtually no limits on what the president can do. It’s a fundamentally new principle and it’s a dangerous precedent because the power of the office will no longer be constrained by the law even including the supreme court of the United States. 

Do we want Trump to have this power? 



 Mary Frost

Spokane, WA


Because of what was going on with the case and the things I was being accused of and being allowed to be drugged and held responsible for my behavior, I asked my dad to spy for China. I don't know if he even had anything to offer China. For one thing, they were not as developed strategically as Russia was and at that time we did not focus on them.  In 1976, early 1977, when I had to have made the comment (I am not sure when because I was being brainwashed when I did), China was not really too much of a threat and not as advanced in weapons as Russia and the US were. But I asked him to so China would protect me. I told him not to hate me for asking. He was the most honest man that ever lived though. He would work all weekend for free doing backbreaking work to build a new fence for a neighbor.. He wasn't angry at me at all for asking him to.  I found that really suprising.  He didn't make any comment. But a few years later, I brought up the CIA in a conversaion and he went ballastic about them he was so angry. And then a few years later after that I told him I was really worried about someone harming me. And he told me "No one is ever going to harm you." Oh, but I am sure he didn't say that because he had made a deal with China to protect me.  He just wanted to comfort me from being paranoid.  Besides, decades later, I had mentioned around a few of the FBI CI agents who had handled my case for years, that I had been concerned about what my dad might have been told. And he said: "Your dad knew very little." Yeah, but you know what I mischeveiously told him since the Director of the CIA, George Bush Sr. in 1976, might have been dishonest for the Saudis or the Jews and Israel since I wasn't given a new identity? I told them that China should wait until he is the President to blackmail him if he had been dishonest. However, he probably had not been told the truth about me. I ended up telling China how to find out.  Considering I was being thrown to the wolves the United States deserved it. But Bush Sr. already had close ties to China. Oh, and considering Lompoc had a lot of criminals in it and had a serious drug problem, I wonder if the Central American drug cartels blackmailed Bush or dishonest agents in the FBI and CIA who were being dishonest for the people who wanted to destroy me. I wonder if that is when they got really bad. What I remember is this Jew might have known how Prince Bandar wanted to be the most important Muslim that ever lived and made sure it would be Saudi Arabia who would bribe Bush. I bet the Jews even know of potions to make people more inclined to do so. Then, other people followed suit blackmailing Bush. 


You know, Israel and the Jews control most of this country. Maybe they are why we have so much trouble with our politicians. And why it is rare for someone mature and intelligent to run for President. Because of the control they have, they are trying to force Saudi Arabia into normalizing relations with Israel. The US will not agree to sell them sophisticated weapons they need for their security unless they do.  If they did normalize relations, I think it could cause instability in the kingdom.  I am just being facetious but it is too bad something couldn't be started on the internet where Jews could be threatened with injections of sulfur if they don't make the US drop the stipulation. 


You know, everything is a conspiracy to me, everything. I have been kind of condiitoned to make everything a conspiracy because of all the things I get framed for and accused of. And the things that I know do go on. But considering the extent people go to frame me for things, and the conspiracies I know that have gone on,  I wouldn't be surprised if the people who want to destroy me, who have very powerful connections and want to destroy the Catholics,  might have always wanted to destroy Joe Biden. I am involved with very dangerous people who end up doing very dangerous things and have the connections to do it. And some of the people involved, are stupid about some of the other people who are involved, but other agents who aren't being dishonest and who really don't really seem to belong in the FBI ignore it.  But since everything to me is a conspiracy, how's this? Someone knew, that at one point in time, Joe Biden was a very intelligent Senator. And a Catholic. So, they killed his first wife and child in a car accident, and they arranged for him to marry Jill Biden. If that is so, the same people might have asked her to drug him before the debate. However, he has never, ever seemed like a very intelligent President. I'm a lifelong democrat and he infuriates the hell out of me with the way he spends money. That makes me question just how intelligent he is. The student loan industry, in a lot of ways, preys off of not so intelligent students, who still qualify for college, but really aren't intelligent enough to really benefit from it. People who are in most cases, just lost. But most Jews are very wealthy and maybe they control the student loan industry. They probably never have to take out loans. But why, so many times, we never get intelligent presidents. I wonder why that is? Or very intelligent candidates? But maybe the Jews always destroy the intelligent ones. I mean there has to be SOME reason why we usually never get intelligent candidates. I mean, they want to make sure that no one puts a stop to their control over this country. Now everything is a conspiracy to me. Remember that. But Larry Page's father was a computer genius and married a Jewish woman. She was probably told about him. And then at Stanford a Jew named Sergey Brin was probably tipped off and introduced himself to Larry Page.  Because of how well I know the Jews I don't think either was a coincidence and was done to help the Jews. Maybe to destroy the Catholics. The Catholics and the Jews have a lot of long-standing friction with each other.